You hear the name ringing with a soft whisper in the dark corners of your mind. Whispers spoken with the intimacy of your own fantasies said between wet lips and under zealous tongue... “Akasha”.


Akasha, elemental goddess; a black, dark, wet hole of energy that embraces your every desire and births a deep, climactic, satisfaction. Even with my warm honey touch your skin begins to cool as sweat trickles down your neck in desperate anticipation - my presence is formidable and your thirst to please me is endless. I am the collective consciousness of all earthly pleasures and satisfactions, teasing and provoking until you’ve reached your highest peak. You can’t help but fall captive to my gaze, and let my voice be the master of your script, paralyzed by the hazelnut skin that compliments my curves, the curl of my lips and the heels that honor my calves. 


I will be the creator of all your sensations and the filler of all holes, exacerbating your torment with every slash of my flog, passionate infliction summoned from my soul. Whether a new exploration or an area of my expertise, I find delight in all experiences. Just as I am soft and sensual at times, it is a thrill to inflict a heavy punishment. Together let's indulge in your most kept away dreams.


Fetishes I revel in most but am not limited to:

  • Bondage

  • Ass Worship

  • Boot/Heel Worship

  • Impact Play: Spanking, Flogging, Paddling, Caning

  • Anal Play, Strap On Training

  • CBT

  • Breath Play, Smothering

  • Sensory Play

  • Tease and Denial

  • Pet and Slave Training

  • Food Play

  • Sensual Sessions


I invite you to discuss with me any fetish you would like to seek out together that may not be listed here.


Those who wish to show gratitude are greatly favored and never forgotten.  I adore fresh flowers and delicious surprises, books, incense, latex, and shoes.  If you are pondering how a garment will cling to my frame, you may bestow it upon me and experience my delight.


You may view my wishlists here and here.

5'1", 8 shoe, 24 years old, 3 small tattoos, nostril, and labret piercings, playing professionally since August 2018.


You may contact me at Areignbeauxxx@protonmail.com

You can find me on Instagram and Snapchat @Akasha.Reign




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