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Switch - In The Gates Mentorship since May 2024

You don’t really know why you even bothered coming to the bar today. Hell, you barely know why you do most of the things you do…until you catch a glimpse of Her. One look at this captivating, mysterious creature standing there and you are certain of one thing and one thing only: You must know more about Her. She laughs, Her head thrown back in abandon, you can tell this is a woman who grabs life by the throat - you kind of wish She’d grab you by the throat…no wait…unless? You come out of your reverie and are shocked to find Her eyes on you, Her piercing gaze feels like the sun, Her attention as warm and nourishing as bright rays on chilled skin. Yet there is a feeling of ever present danger, like if you played too long in Her glow you might get burned. Like maybe you WANT to get burned. 

She demands a drink, confidently orders two, certain you’ll have the same. You are captivated by Her remarkable wit, Her devious humor, Her obvious strength all intermingled with surprising sweetness. Who IS this captivating siren? You have barely taken two sips of your drink yet you feel intoxicated, you find yourself mirroring Her body language, trying to anticipate Her needs, to entertain Her. You can tell from the way She gazes at you, the way She speaks, that She possesses the knowledge of unexplored depths, depths that you hope She is willing to drag you to. She dips her head towards your ear, whispers “Follow Me” as you gasp with anticipation. She takes your hand, inviting you to walk with Her into the unknown, the darkness enveloping you as you trail behind Her. You follow, of course you follow - you’d follow her anywhere. You round the corner and suddenly, She shoves you against the wall, yanks a hood over your head and drags you into what feels like your favorite nightmare. You can’t see anything but you can hear Her dulcet voice as She teases you, laying bare all of Her twisted, titillating plans for you back in Her lair.

It dawns on you that you weren’t entirely right about this Demon, this Goddess of the Underworld, when you first saw Her. You thought Her beautiful, alluring, intimidating, sure, but you couldn’t have known how She’d run her nails down the most tender parts of you, how She’d giggle mercilessly as you writhed in an ecstatic mix of pain and pleasure. You couldn’t have known how desperately you needed to give yourself over to the darkness, Her darkness. But She knew, that much is very clear as She exerts her command over you, as you beg Her for more. One thing is exceptionally clear; The Demon found you, lifted you out of obscurity and into Her dark web of depravity, and you never, ever want to be set free.


Though the Mistress is new to playing professionally, She has been actively involved in kink for over a decade.

Some of Her favorite proclivities include:


  • Anal play (Slut training/Strap-on) *With clean bottoms only! Click HERE

  • Ball-busting/CBT

  • Beatdowns (Slapping/Punching)

  • Bondage (Leather/Heavy Metal)

  • Breathplay/Suffocation

  • Caging/Imprisonment

  • Chasity/Key-holding

  • Corporal punishment/Heavy impact 

  • Degradation/Humiliation/SPH

  • Domestic servitude

  • Edging

  • Fitness domination

  • Gender play/Crossdressing

  • Golden Showers/Crimson showers 

  • Human ATM/Financial domination

  • Latex, Leather & Nylon fetishes

  • Mummification

  • Needle play

  • Nipple torture

  • Objectification (Dollification/Human furniture)

  • Orgasm control/Ruined orgasm

  • Pet play/Dog training

  • Premature O training

  • Scissor holds

  • Sensory deprivation/Sensory overload

  • Sensual domination 

  • Sissification/Bimbofication

  • Sounding

  • Smothering/Trampling

  • Spitting

  • Tease & Denial

  • Wax play

  • Whipping

  • Worship (Feet/Shoes/Legs/Ass/Armpit)


And so much more! If what you desire is not listed here, please email Her to divulge your fantasies at


Mistress Alex is especially interested in longer sessions that allow you both to delve deep into the psyche in order to reach your ultimate desires. She revels in the opportunity to co-top with Her peers! Discounts are offered for multi-Domme sessions. 


If you wish to leave a lasting impression and be held in the Mistresses good graces, tips & gifts are encouraged. She appreciates gift cards to AnoesesEtsy, SephoraStockroom, & Target. She is a collector of rare Alocasia and Anthurium plants as well as luxury lingerie. She is always pursuing further education and appreciates sponsors for classes & certifications.


5’4”, 30 years old, size 8.5US / 39EU shoe, Dragon irezumi  


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