THE Angel of Kink

Naturally dominant, psychological pervert & maniacal tamer of your soul


Angel's presence is always known when she walks into a room. You've never seen anything like her. And in flesh form she is before you. There is something raw yet stunning about her. Maybe it's her penetrating blue eyes, her milky skin you want to taste like a cat, her ass so heavenly and soft, like you have never felt before. Wouldn't you love to know her.  No, it must be her long, and limber yet grounded legs, every limb is long, and picturesque, beauty alive, heart beating, raw and mischievous, yet elegant and fine.  Deserving of all. It is as if, indeed, you saw an Angel.


Mistress Angel only rewards those who are true believers. Her menacing laugh will echo in your thoughts for days and days the same way you will need her to put you in your place again and again. She knows what you need before you even know it. You can not predict Angel; she is spontaneous, affectionate to the deserving, playful, maniacal and a true sadist. Your fantasy becomes her fantasy. But more importantly, Domina Angel does whatever she wants. 

She loves but is not limited to:


Anal play/fisting

Armpit worship

Ball busting– she will go as hard and heavy as you can handle


Breath play - with her legs, hands or arms


Cock and ball torture


Complete mind fucks

Cross dress - Shall Angel make you into her slut, or dress you up pretty and make you dance? She also likes to apply make-up from a light make-over to a full transformation upon advanced request.


Face slapping

Femme supremacy - serve Her the way She deserves

Financial domination

Food play - sushi, dark chocolate, dairy-free desserts/food, organic

Foot/shoe/leg worship [clean or dirty, gentle or mean] – She has the most delicate, perfect arches, long slender toes with dynamite legs for days. She loves her feet and legs to be kissed, touched, worshipped and sucked on. She may even giggle when you finally reach the bottom of her arch.

Foot fetish - She also loves extreme foot worship sessions, building intensity until she is foot face fucking you. 

Forced anything

Forced bi fantasy

Forced consumption

Golden showers

Height supremacy

Human punching bag


Impact play - flogging, spanking, caning, riding crop


Nipple play/torture


Object insertion

Oral strap-on

Orgasm control

Orgasm ruining

Pain sluts

Pet play

Roleplay - she loves collaborative roleplay fantasies

Scent play

Sensory deprivation

Sensation play

Sissyboy training

Slave training - she will make you her perfect toy

Smoking/human ashtray/forced inhalation

Smothering - with her soft ass and idyllically shaped small tits


Strange and unusual fetishes

Tease and denial



Verbal humiliation

Worship - she loves to be worshipped.

And she loves to explore new fetishes.

She also loves long term d/s relationships!

Cum play with Mistress Angel. She also loves to play with other mistresses. You will never forget the pleasure in her blue, piercing eyes while she tortures you into her eternal slave.

As gifts Angel enjoys gift cards, lingerie (32-24-35), shoes and boots (size 8), latex, and records (she is an avid collector of punk and rock n roll).

Here are love letters from a few of Angel's pets:


Mistress Angel,

I wanted to thank you for the incredible sensual experience. I had hopeful expectations and the experience exceeded every single one, plus some wonderful additions. I think this was mostly due to your experience in knowing and judging exactly what I needed as an individual, and teaching me my place under your collar. I have been constantly reminded of your lessons and punishments these last few days every time I accidentally brush against my sore nipples or see the red-blue reminders on my ass from your paddling. Your sweet golden nectar was a reward I did not deserve. The smothering was beautiful, and allowing me to switch over and paddle your beautiful ass to a nice red color stays fresh in my mind. 

I can't keep from smiling every time I think of you and the sweet yet painful lessons. Thank you again for your exceptional awareness of what I needed as a person, your understanding of my needs, and forgiveness of the many blunders trying to serve you.

Sincerely, J

To the Goddess Mistress Angel,

i beg You to not give up on me. i want to live in worship of You.

i acknowledge that You are a Goddess.

i admit that i am a sisseyboy.

i acknowledge that the purpose of my existence to be used by the Goddess.

i acknowledge that You have the right to do anything You want to me.

i acknowledge that You are a Goddess, and therefore have the right to beat Your

sisseyboys, and do anything else You want to them.

i wish to serve You personally and completely.

i will obey You.

sissyboy S.

Hi Mistress Angel,

Thank you so much for the session tonight. My Mistress/Wife was very pleased that my butt was red and I am indebted to both of you for tonight. Also, she gave me permission to clean for you if that was ok with you. I am doing laundry and dishes right now since she left them for me while I was gone. She had a good weekend in Tahoe with her boyfriend as I just found out that the kids went to my parents. Thanks again for tonight. Getting abused and humiliated by a woman as beautiful as you is something I am lucky to have.



Happy Thanksgiving, Mistress Angel!

This year I am thankful for YOOOOUUUUU!

And I am so serious about it. It's an amazing blessing not just to finally be exploring a D/s relationship, but to be doing it with such a remarkable woman... one who fits so comfortably in the dominant role and is able to understand me.I hope you are having a great holiday today. You deserve it.



You are a Superior Woman and I am grateful to be yours. :)Thank you.




I just wanted to drop you a line telling you that you were fabulous and that I had a great time. I look forward to having more sessions with you in the future.



Dearest Angel...

you are so much fun! I just love being in your presence. I will send you some ideas which, hopefully, you will enjoy. I am a nasty boy but YOU, yes YOU young lady...are a nasty grrl!

Thanks for being you. Dearest Angel...I still have a warm glow from having been in your presence last week. I am out of town next week but hope to see you the following week. You are an awesome woman & way fun to hang with.



Hi Angel,

I miss the best legs on this planet and the lady who owns them!



Hello Goddess Angel,

You with Your statuesque beauty, soft porcelain skin, sensually playful, but domineering personality that i so enjoyed submitting to and worshiping this past Thursday.

Thank You for a fun and humiliating session. As i left, slept and went about my day a day later occasionally my tender nipples would rub against my shirt, jacket, sheets, towel or something reminding me of the sweet pain You put them through. And a new post sensation was my sore Adams apple that with a certain turn against my shirt collar reminded me of the ownership You had over me as You tightly collared me at the start of our session, using the loop on the collar to pull me in the direction You wanted with your sensuous stern hands and of course i cannot forget the rope being pulled through the loop, which was attached to my worthless cock and balls that You regularly pulled on and then lead me around the room with. A very erotic image, allowing me to take in Your lovely long legs and gorgeous posterior.

Your command put me in a submissive state right away and allowed me to escape into submission to Your sadistic whims. The mix of pain and pleasure as well as the tease and touch of Your body was intoxicating, which was obvious by the response of stiff cock. You had me on edge early with painful slaps to my cock, especially the head and kicks to my balls that reminded me that i could never sexually satisfy You.

As if the physical torment was not enough Your verbal humiliation further emasculated me as the sissy faggot i am, who is to be taken and used in both holes at the same time. Just a horny bitch boy in black panties deserving of the firm and multiple spankings You delivered throughout the session. Thanks again for a great erotic journey.

I hope our schedules align the next time I am in town or when You are in LA.

Humbly, Your emasculated sissy faggot



You are indeed a stunningly beautiful Angel!



I am addicted to your sacred nectar now:)



Dear Mistress Angel,

I wanted to Thank you so much for our two hour session yesterday. You are a pro your soft and tender was just right and your corporal punishment “Impact play,” was clearly in the hard, very hard, sadistic field of play.

I have bruises on both my lower legs, my left thigh has bruises inside the thigh, also front, and back of the thigh, my right thigh has bruises inside and outside. My butt is bruised and both sides as is my upper back, left and right. My chest is bruises again both sides around the nipple about the size of my hand.

Between 10 PM and 11 PM my whole body began to feel beaten up. My body ached from my toes to the top of my head. " I felt beaten.” I have not experienced this for more than a dozen years.

“I was beaten by a very pretty skinny GIRL."

You are very intuitive. You were very sensitive to my needs and seemed to know when to let me get away with my attitude and you also knew when to step in and put your foot downI no longer question your definition of yourself as “Sadistic.” You are sadistic.You already know you are beautiful; but let me tell you, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL." You’ve got that whole “Model Beautiful,” thing going on, both body and soul. Model skinny beautiful but also you have that whole “Model Attitude thing,” going on in your face. At times I could see the look in your eyes telling me “YOU ARE NOTHING MOTHERFUCKER!


5'11", 8 shoe, 27 years old, no tattoos, one nostril piercing, playing professionally since November 2014.


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