You have been signaled to answer a call.  The Divine Feminine needs your attention right now—and you shall obey, rather than think.  You have arrived here because the veil between you and the underworld is thin right now, and you require a guardian with an innate ability to travel effortlessly through the shadow realms. 


Mistress Blythe is capable of handling almost any sort with enough courage to come her way.  She possesses elaborate mechanisms to break down emotional barriers and compels you to go within to get acquainted with yourself.  With formidable insight and considerable charm, you will delight at feeling deconstructed as Mistress Blythe guides you through play with the shadows. 


Constant variety is required to satisfy the complicated needs and urges of Mistress Blythe, and her impulses can lead to precarious situations.  Come prepared to entertain and impress this High Priestess, or she’ll be moving on to the next without so much as a backwards glance. 



Playmates of all genders and body types are encouraged to come play with Mistress Blythe; she also plays with couples, and she LOVES to play with other Mistresses. 


Don’t hesitate to book a session for the following activities:



Anal Play

Body Worship - especially feet and legs!


Breath Play

Brown Showers


Crimson Showers

Cross-dressing (me or you)

Cuckold Fantasy

Female Supremacy



Food Play

Golden Showers

Human Furniture

Impact Play


Nipple Torture

Public Humiliation

Role Play - open to ideas!

Scent Fetish


Slave, Puppy/Pet, & Slut Training

Small Penis Humiliation


Strap-on Play

Tease and Denial




As a submissive, Blythe enjoys playing with a respectful, tender, and patient dominant.  She loves bondage, role play, and being lightly spanked and tickled.


If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this list, please DO inquire!   

You may contact Blythe via email at .



To show your appreciation, feel free to bring Mistress Blythe a nice bottle of bourbon, framed art work, or leather shoes.  More gift suggestions can be found on Mistress Blythe’s Amazon Wish List 


You may also send a token of your appreciation via CashApp : $theblytheshow


Stay up to date with Mistress Blythe’s mischievous worldwide adventures on Instagram and Twitter : @wrestledomme


5'9", 30 years old, 9 shoe, several tattoos, lip pierced, speaks Spanish, playing professionally since July 2018.




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