Growing up in a military base where my father was lieutenant of my country’s army, I am no stranger to discipline, power, and dominance. For better or worse, I’ve learned to live a “proper life” where I submitted to a life of a well-educated and socially cultured woman. But the more I assumed the picture perfect role of what my parents expected of me on the outside, the more rebellious and dominant I became inside.


It’s in the world of BDSM and fantasy, where I find my truest self. In my space, you won’t be yourself with me; let me show you who you truly are. My soft, feminine features conceal the appetite for danger and extremes within me - so consider yourself warned and enter at your own risk. I welcome your submission, body, mind, and soul. Let me release you into a space of fantasy and role play. Together we can explore the endless possibilities of BDSM. Let me guide you into a world of submission and freedom. A place of paradox where you are bound but free. Let my vicious torture give you delight and tickle. I’m calling all true dare devils, vulnerable souls brave enough to explore where the intensity of pain and pleasure blur and mix. I want to show you the thin line separating the intensity of ecstasy and agony.



Fantasy and Role Play - of any kind. I love to create drama

Financial Domination

Sensual Play

Breath Play

Chastity and Sissy Training

Female Supremacy 

Anal Play

Edge Play

Body Worship: Foot Worship, Breast Worship, etc…

Ignore Fetish

Slave Training

Habit Training - got a nasty habit you need to break? Let me whip it out of you

Bondage and Torture

Golden Showers

Small Penis Humiliation


Food Play

Forced Consumption

Verbal Humiliation



Corporal Punishment

Face Slapping

Tease and Denial Games

Nipple Torture

Cross Dressing and Feminization

Tickle Torture

Sensory Deprivation

Queening and Smothering

Pet Play: doggy, kitty … I love to treat you like my animal


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(5’4”, 24 years old, DD cup, 6.5 shoe, 1 medium tattoo, navel piercing.)




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