I play at The Gates for my own pleasure. If you should choose to have the privilege of having a session with me you will find out that your satisfaction will bring me the utmost pleasure. I like to torture and I love to please.


I am a creature of opposing forces. I have the softest skin you’ll ever have the privilege to caress and a deeply penetrating stare. I have the sweetest motherly attention and the power to slice deep between your ego and your soul. My eyes hold the depth and wisdom of otherworldly forces and my smile is kind and disarming.


Consent is deeply important to me. I will respect you even as I walk all over you with my beautiful feet. I am a priestess qualified to hear your confessions and banish the demons who chew at your confidence and control. I am a goddess who is unafraid of darkness inside you. In fact, I enjoy meeting the monsters hidden inside and inviting them out to play with a set of strikes across your back.


I like to learn about my playmates. I want you to tell me your secrets and deepest desires. Outside of the scene I am very approachable, nonjudgmental and easy to talk with. I am a natural empath and think that building trust is important for the experience to go deeper. I take pride in providing you the best session that I can, and I feel satisfied when I give you what you are wanting. My goal is for you to go back to your daily grind with your lust for life ignited.


If you should be privileged enough to earn my trust and submission you will find a dirty little girl who wants to please. A dom with a kind hand will guide me to reveal our fantasies can come true. I enjoy light smacks on my luscious ass, bondage and slut training.   I also enjoy scenes where I pretend to be asleep or unconscious while you take advantage of me.

I really enjoy role playing as both a dominant and a submissive:

I love to be a bad school girl seducing her teachers.

Secretary/Boss Maid/Husband

I have always wanted to peg a naughty boy in a twisted Catholic church scene

Witch or healing temple whore

Sex cult initiation

Age play; Mommy Dom/Little Boy or Daddy Dom/Little Girl

Adult baby diaper lovers - ABDL


Scifi or fantasy scenes are personal interests for me and I am familiar with Star Trek/Star Wars/Lord of the Rings - worlds of vampires/werewolves etc...


I enjoy playing with people of all genders, couples, and other mistresses.


Some of my favorite activities are:

Golden Showers

Anal Play

Strap-on Play


Slut Training

Sissy or Gender Play

Body Worship


Shoe Fetish, Beautiful Foot Fetish

Cuckold/Female Supremacy

Human Furniture


Nipple Torture

Slave & Puppy/Pet Training

Small Penis Humiliation


Tease and Denial



I love gifts from my playmates:

For those who worship my feet I enjoy Pleaser and other well-made shoes size 8.5 and boots in a 9.  I would love for you to bring me the outfit of your dreams to wear for our session together (size s/m, bra C cup.) I also enjoy small live plants, quality beautiful yarn, and/or gift cards to Amazon or Whole Foods.        

You may view my Instagram at YesMistressDawn

Email me to talk about what your kink is at MistressDawn@protonmail.com.


5’5”, 35 years old, 8 ½ shoe or 9 boot, a few tattoos, no piercings, speaks conversational Spanish, playing professionally since October 2018.




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