I am a force of nature who will challenge and conquer the most wicked of desires. Salty and unforgiving in the way only a New Yorker can be, I am a machine that turns raw fear and anticipation into hot cum, all to the tune of girlish giggles. Behind my darling dimples and sweetheart smile is a foxy temptress, a huntress of hearts. Poised princess or poisonous pervert, I am intuitively seductive, seasoned in the art of bringing men and women to my feet. A Scorpio, I am captain of my sexuality and every calculated move I make weakens your self-control. Get lost in my thick mane of blonde hair that falls so heavy on my feminine frame as my playful and unafraid green eyes cast a conspiring gaze. Within minutes I will disarm you with surgical focus while your knees buckle and fail you under the weight of human desire. Don’t think my cunning smirk to be devilish, just mischievous and slightly sinister. I live for a challenge and welcome the wildest and most creative of fantasies. The only thing that I find shocking is how many new ways my partners and pets can excite me. From lashes to long legs, this lusty Lolita lacks for nothing but loyal playmates who live for leather licking at length. Let's get lost. 

Step into Seduction…

Playing professionally since 2011, my years of experience on both the East and West coasts allow me to provide an array of skills and interests that are far vaster than that which a fledgling player can offer.

Favorite Activities Include: 

· Percussion Play/ impact play (Paddling, Caning, Flogging, Whipping, Slapping, Kicking, Punching, Tickle Torture, Over the Knee Spanking) 

· Bondage and Mummification- rope, leather, metal, latex, Saran Wrap, smothering 

· Humiliation/Objectification: teasing, taunting, verbal degradation, age and gender degradation, hazing, public humiliation, small penis shaming 

· Sensory Manipulation/Deprivation/Suffocation 

· Tease and Denial 

· Fingernail Torture 

· Body Worship and Smothering 

· Foot/Boot/Shoe/High Heel Domination and Fetish 

· Trampling and Ball Busting 

· CBT 

· Role Play/Psychodrama: (Corrections Institution, State Trooper), Domestic Scenarios (Wife, Mother, Aunt, Sister), Academic Scenarios (School Nurse, Guidance Counselor, School Bully, Teacher), Fantasy (Superhero, Witch, Animal) , Game of Thrones

· Smoking Fetish/Human Ashtray/Forced inhalation 

· Spitting Fetish/Toilet Training and Showers

· Forced Feminization/ Makeovers / Slumber Party Role Play

· Simulated Forced Bisexuality/Gender Play/Sissy Slut Training 

· Food Play/ Force Feeding/ Food Fetish 

· Sounding

I love tokens of affection from my playmates. For either the benefit of seeing Your Mistress in the outfits of your wildest fantasies, or for the pleasure of knowing that I will think of you and our devious memories every time I enjoy an ordinary household appliance, your tributes are always delightfully appreciated..

Here are some emails from Echo's admirers:


Hi Echo,
Thank you for the amazing session. You took the time to get to know me by email and did you deliver on my fantasy! I asked for a beat down. I got the full Evil Victoria Secret Model crossed with the Energizer Bunny. You have a visceral enjoyment dishing out a beating and it was a dream. I was amazed that after two hours you were still full of energy.
I look forward to playing again.

Thank you very much for making the time to see me today Mistress Echo. I couldn't have gotten more lucky- you are a TALENTED, CHARMING, and my god, THOSE LEGS. You've made my stay in San Francisco the memory of a lifetime. I will be sure to bring you my sounding toys for our text session, it will be my honor to truly surrender every orifice to you. 
Have a wonderful New Year!
 - C.

Hi Echo,
It was nice meeting you today. I hope you liked the massage and were able to relax and enjoy it. I surely did. thanks for giving me the opportunity to make you relax a bit.... i hope we can do it again soon.
 - A.

5'6", 27 years old, 9 shoe, a few small/medium tattoos, nose ring, playing professionally since September 2012.


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