Divulge to me your most hidden fantasies, and I will breathe them to life, should I deem you worthy of such divine pleasure. My skilled fingers and wicked instinct will inflict a vast multitude of sensations from sensual to sadistic. With a mind as sharp as a blade, I will cut you down and remold you into my obedient submissive. As you observe my cherry lips giving commands, you will find yourself slowly becoming entranced. You fall deeper and deeper into submission as you take in my soft, ivory curves, wishing only to earn the honor of even the slightest touch. You are helpless to my whims as we play our little games of cat and mouse. Under my control, you may release your burdens and assume your rightful place at my feet.


Activities I Particularly Enjoy:


Anal Play/ Fisting

Sensory Play/ Sensory Deprivation

Wax Play


Food Play

Ball Busting

Predicament Bondage

Impact Play- Spanking, Flogging, Paddling, Caning, Whipping

Tickle Torture

Foot Worship


Golden Showers


Electric Play

Tease and Denial

Financial Domination


Smoking Play

Breath Play


Verbal Humiliation

Role Play

Sounds Play

Pet Play

Latex Worship

And more, feel free to email me with other activities you'd like to explore



Submissives who are generous and grateful may earn my favor and special attention. You can show me your appreciation by gifting red wine (I appreciate a nice zinfandel or malbec), lingerie (size 32B/small), shoes (size 6), latex, or quality toys. I also like receiving letters on how much you enjoyed our time together.


5’2”, 23 years old, size 6 shoe, 2 small tattoos, nipple and nostril pierced, playing professionally since June 2015.

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You may contact Mistress Kora at booking@mistresskorakane.com

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