Exotic Indian Domina and Hedonist


Truly, the pleasure’s all Mine. I am electrically charged and fulfilled by obedient men. Make no mistake, I am not for the faint of heart. Known as the “Wicked Minx and Temptress” by many, My pets have grown accustomed to their Huntress’ desires, and live to bend the knee to a Queen.


A true Gemini, I have many shades and angles to My tempting character. I am a lover of soft nurture, both good and bad “Mommy”, playfully teasing My playthings with their ever-increasing desire for Me.

But OH, the Sadistic Sultry Vixen… I can be rather twisted, hypnotic, deeply thought provoking, and wickedly mind controlling.  Your Secret Keeper, Humiliatrix,  Sweet Siren. Though, perhaps I’m simply in the mood to flash my sharp green doe-eyes at you, and use my Goddess-like features to fuck you up with tease.


For the few who truly get to know Me, they usually fall in love. Cunning, baffling and powerful - it’s easy to become addicted to Me; I crave these insecurities in My submissives, and live to exploit them in kink. I’ve been known to be fabulously gritty with quick wit, and comedic serendipitous timing; My pets have come to crave the sound of My laughter, as what pleases the Mistress, should be to the pets’ delight.


Worshipping My exquisite frame? One may think lightly of the term “Body Worship”, though I can just as easily Dominate you with My dangerous tender flesh. Must manipulation always be verbal? Whether I have placed you in bondage, floating above Me, or you are cowering on the floor, kneeling below Me, you sway hypnotized by the thrill of My enchanting presence.



After all, that is always My primary objective…

My pleasure, dear pet.



My desire for long-term control through connection is real. Although I will mesmerize you in any way possible, I have genuine love for My loyal submissives, and treat them as the unique, very real relationships that they are.


Now, Come Play With Me.




Some of My Favorite Kinks; including, but certainly not limited to:


  • Cuckolding with My Bull (24 hour notice)**


  • Chastity/ Keyholding


  • Tease/ Denial


  • CBT


  • Bondage


  • Nipple Play/Torture


  • Impact Play: Flogging/ Caning/ Spanking/ Kicking/ Punching/ Trampling/OTK


  • Ruined Orgasm


  • Smoking Fetish/Human Ashtray


  • Human Furniture/Objectification


  • Verbal Humiliation/ Shaming/ Psychological Torment


  • Physical Humiliation/ Spitting/ Forced Sissy/Small Penis Humiliation


  • Tickle Torture


  • Breath Play/ Smothering


  • Queening/ Face Sitting


  • Sensory Deprivation/Introduction


  • Ice/Wax play


  • Golden Showers


  • Crimson Showers (with notice)**


  • Adult Baby/ Diaper Play/Full Toilet Training**


  • Intentional Neglect


  • Hypnosis


  • Anal Play: Strap On play/forced Bi


  • Puppy/ Dog Training


  • Pony Play


  • Slave Training


  • TPE Training (Total Power Exchange)**


  • Body Worship: Ass/ Feet/ Legs/ Underarms


  •  Sensual Financial Domination**



  • Role Play/Psychodrama Scenarios I’m privy to:

  • Patient Therapist - Mind Fucking

  • Drug Relapse- My intoxicating substance destroys you

  •  Mommy-son complex-Come here baby

  • Extreme Worship/ Mistress Complex - Shrine Building, Religion, I am your God.

  • I am the Naga - you are My prey

  • Forbidden Family Relationships - Aunt/Nephew

  • Hostage and Interrogation scenes - you’re fucked.

  • Your other taboo favorites.


Interests that include an ** are subject to an additional donation along with the base tribute. 


Emailing Me directly, in advance, will yield you custom scenes that are crafted with expertise. When you don’t see Me on the Gates schedule, reach out to Me via My website below for special sessions on any day of the week. Advanced notice preferred.



To be led on the path of life enrichment, true Luxury, and My firm leash, one must truly impress Me.



I appreciate men who bring Me gifts when we spend time together! Extra cash, potted foliage, prepaid visas, and gift cards to Amazon ( are always accepted, appreciated, and definitely have you stand out.


Alcoholic beverages brought to Me will have you drinking alone during our session.




Your Mistress admires your servitude.








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32 years old, 5'7", 8.5 shoe, 9 boot, D cup, 1 medium tattoos, no piercings, playing professionally since April 2017.



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