Like my Viking ancestors, I am strong, tough, passionate and inspired. At times I am like the ice of a distant glacier, the tenderness of a Nordic Spring, or the heat of the midnight sun.


When you come to play with me, you will find yourself quivering at the sight of my full, perfect ass and graceful back. My long, slender toes will turn you into a salivating animal. My soothing honey-sweet voice can fall softly like warm rain, or crackle like booming thunder. When you witness the grace of my supple, muscular limbs, my regal countenance, and sharp intellect, you will understand that I am no ordinary woman. I am a goddess of love and war.


I could seize what I want, but I'd rather coax it from you bit by bit. I will lay siege to your spirit as I conquer your body-- perhaps gently, perhaps with force. It is my dearest wish to see you in the throes of ecstasy and totally vulnerable before me, ready to challenge or be challenged in my honor. I may surprise you with my compassion in such moments. Those with a courageous heart are granted the keys to heaven.


I adore:


ALL role play, the more unusual or taboo, the better! From Mommy Dearest to cannibalism fantasy, I thrive in improvisational and rich fantasy realms


ALL types of humiliation, especially race play, bimbo-fication and slut training


Cuckolding (email at least four days in advance), and cuckold fantasy


Impact play, especially Over the Knee spankings!


Breath play and smoking


Sensual sessions, especially tease and denial, and ass worship


ALL CBT, light to ball-busting


Playful and semi-competitive wrestling




Needle play, sounding and figging (email in advance)


Double sessions with other mistresses and couple sessions


...And you tell me. Email me about your fetishes. I love exploring my sexuality and pushing boundaries, both yours and my own. Don’t hesitate to propose the strange, specific or taboo-- I’ll probably love it!


I also love switch sessions and submitting to experienced dominant partners, as well as playing with people of all genders! It is an unending joy to explore my sensuality as I help you discover yours. 


I fondly remember tokens and gifts. Some of my favorite things are gift certificates to REI, potted plants, charitable donations to organizations furthering women's and LGBTQ rights (ask if you aren't sure where), as well as handwritten notes and artwork.

5’7”, size 9 shoe, 32 years old, several large tattoos, playing professionally since December 2016.

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