with a dancer's body and a mischievously agile mind,
i weave my spell.
whispering quiet sweet nothings of your deepest desires,
i awaken as your weakness becomes my strength.

at any moment
my beautiful body may smother you,
my manicured toes may crush or caress you,
my sweet smile may nibble or bite you.
whatever the tool, it is my mind that ensnares you.

i am your cat.
you are my mouse.


i enjoy playing with my toys.
torturing you with
the smoothness of my skin,
the sweetness of my flesh,
the slap of my hand,
the sting of my whip.
until your desire for my touch,
for my pleasure,
out weighs all else.
my strength will surprise you,
as i delight in your beautiful suffering,
your treasure of submission.

ours is a journey together.
prove your desires to me.

your Mistress very much enjoys but is not limited to....


all forms of corporal punishment.
breast worship, ass worship,
loves foot and leg worship!!!!!!,
trampling, mummification,
face slapping!!!!,
tease and denial games,


verbal humiliation.....

all relationships take time.
familiarity breeds trust.
trust begets depth.

i enjoy playing with other Mistresses and couples.
i am very open to exploring new kinks and fetishes.
i enjoy your inspiration.

if you would like to bring me a gift i always appreciate:
fresh flowers
interesting music

Amazon gift cards
books on art, sex, culture, fashion etc.

5'8", 45 years, 8.5 shoe, one small tattoo, playing professionally since February 2008.


You may contact Louise via email at louisegerarde@gmail.com .



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