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Your Sin will Soar with Miss Mariposa


Open your wings and spread your cheeks as I guide you through a transformative erotic experience. Discover pleasures never imagined, carefully cocooned in my succulent chrysalis of control. Become encapsulated in my enchanting gaze, lost in time while we share this sacred space.


My slender yet strong body bears incredible force, with a keen intuition for discovering your unique thresholds. My lactating breasts nurture while my firm and pointed hand ensures your obedience, playfully teasing out your most secret desires. I am a naughty and nurturing MILF, allowing you to meet your edges.


You will at once be mine, eager to please my every demand so you may receive my deliberate rewards. Your admirations and gratitudes will only get you so far with this meticulous mistress, you must also obey and speak your desires clearly and with passion.


Captivated in my presence, that which you are denied will ultimately elate you. At once, your pleasure and submission evolve into an all encompassing sensation of ecstacy, observed and orchestrated by my watchful eye. Be surprised by the power only a force of nature can bring, intrigued by my beauty, kept by my clever craft and coy conversation. Escape with me through vivid imagery and playful scenarios, lose control and become lost in my mastery.


I will leave you covered in the nourishing nectars of life and sweet sense of acceptance of all your filthy shadows. Come let this FILTH MILF breathe life to your twisted imaginings.


Specialized services:

Toy Shows (multiple orgasms, vibration, dildos, double penetration)

MILF Supremacy

Lactation Play- Yes, I continue to produce the sweet nectars of mother’s milk, a delightful treat for only the most well behaved


Bondage, Restraint and Caging

Tease and Denial

Smoke Play

Small Penis Humiliation

Anal Play/ Pegging - expert in prostate stimulation

Large Clit Empowerment


Golden Showers

Squirt Showers

Breast Worship

Body Worship

Ass Worship

Foot/Boot Worship, including trampling, sweaty foot massage, foot face slapping, etc.

Food Play - a cunning culinary goddess, I love all sorts of creative food play

Cuckolding (verbal, toys, with other mistresses)   

Roleplay (teacher-school girl, boss-secretary, Husband-maid, High priestess-pageboy)  


I have a kink for curiosity, so please be vulnerable and share your desires with me, I enjoy new experiences and love an array of play activities beyond any list. I love to create a unique and mind blowing experience for each and every little slut I command.


I enjoy playing submissive to respectful and skilled doms. I will submit to light impact, slut training, tease and denial, light nipple torture, virgin roleplay and rope bondage (only for regular guests).


I am interested in learning new skills, so if you have a particular interest and like working with amateurs, please let me know!

You may contact me via email at


5'4", 8.5 shoe, 30 years old, one medium tattoo, ears and nose are pierced. Playing professionally since September 2018.




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