Mistress Mary has generous, luxurious lips that love to tease. Her commanding stance and seductive smile will have you feeling weak and falling to your knees, where you can fawn over her slender long legs. Her playful and explorative mind will conjure a high that will last for days, as her beautiful laugh rings through the room.

Whether dreaming or awake, you’ll be moaning Miss Mary Mac’s name until you see her again.


All types of perversions are welcome, especially those that involve:

Impact Play: Caning, Flogging, Spanking, Paddling



Face Slapping




Tease and Denial


Toy Shows

Wax Play

Body Worship

Tit Torture

Sensory Play/Deprivation

Toilet Training

Hair Pulling


While gifts are not required, they are always remembered.

Mary particularly enjoys leather toys and fashion, crystals, organic wine, and tequila.

Gift certificates from the following locations:

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Amazon Wishlist

Mr. S. Leather


Dark Garden Corsets


Instagram: PrettyPleaseMissMaryMac

You may contact Mary via email:

5’7”, 29 years old, 10 shoe, C cup, many tattoos, pierced belly button, playing professionally since March 2018.




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