Like a black widow, I will beckon you with my dark beauty, only to bring you to your knees while you beg for mercy.  My carnal sexual desire guides me to play as I see fit. The powerful, seductive, and captivating creature I am will compel you to meet my demands with unwavering submission. My dark eyes will enrapture you as my strong grip takes hold, both of your body and your mind.

Inflicting corporal punishment enlivens me more than any other activity, so those willing and able to take my pain will unleash my deep sadistic joy. Unleashing my lascivious smile and transcendental cackle will bewitch your psyche, imploring you to endure my wrath. For the more reserved submissive, I enjoy toying playfully and watching them shyly obey my every whim.

Although I can be uncompromising and strict in my orders, I am also a sensual person who enjoys watching bodies quiver with the most delicate touch of my hand. I can be very playful and flirtatious, making my domination extremely versatile.

If you desire anal play, please be aware that I do not engage in strap-on play upon first meeting. If I determine that we are compatible play partners and you have earned your place under me, you will be gifted with my dick. Please always arrive clean and emptied.  



My favorite activities include:


Body worship; ass, foot, hands, legs

Bondage; leather and rope

Breath play. Queening and choking, both with my hands and arms.


Cock and ball torture

Cross dressing. Whether you want to be a feminine princess or a slutty bitch, I love to dress up new little girls.

Cuckold fantasy

Cutting and blood play; needles


Fetishes of all kind, no matter how bizarre you think they are.

Food play

Foot worship and foot face fucking to the point of gagging.

Girl/ girl scenes


Impact play. Flogging and single tailing are my absolute favorites, but corporal punishment of any kind excites me.

Nipple torture


Oral strap-on

Pain sluts

Puppy play

Sensory deprivation; mummification, duct taping, forced hooding.


Taboo roleplays

Tease and denial/orgasm control

Trampling, barefoot and with heels.

Wrestling semi-competitively and competitively.


Gifts to show your adoration leave an imprint on me. You can come bearing delights from my wishlists or indulge me with dark chocolate and red wine.


My favorite stores:


Amazon wishlist

Lady Lucie


Zana Bayne



You can contact Mina via email at MistressMina@protonmail.com .


5'6", 27 years old, 7 shoe, extensive tattoos, nostrils pierced, playing professionally since December 2017.




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