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Switch - In TheGates Mentorship since November 2022

Meet our beautiful maiden Mistress Aura – a multimodal image of intoxication, petrifaction, and luring attractiveness. Although rather new to the world of professionally dominating lost submissive souls, you will find that She already possesses the innate nature of a disciplinarian ruler of naughty boys.


DO NOT let Her innocent pictures fool you – disguising Herself as a virtuous Being is merely a way of subduing you into stepping within Her reach.

Be forewarned - under what may seem soft and kind lies a hidden affinity for ritualistic sacrifice and the religious taboo.


Meet your faith as you capture a glimpse of Medusa's gaze – Looking at the forbidden stiffens the subject in illicit desire and freezes you in terror. Her razor sharp tongue will lance your ego, humiliate and degrade you until She's consumed the very essence of your soul.


Step into this Goddess's chief shrine and be stripped of your Gorgon mask - the apotropaic faces worn to frighten away the profane/perverse, thus inviting it in. Repent and atone under Her firm hand and get punished for your sins! Submit and be lead onto the right path, or meet Her wrath as Her glimmering eyes turn as cold as stone.


Mistress Aura enjoys luring you in for starters with some light activities such as feminization, puppy play, and light impact play. Are you a good little sissy slut? Companion doggy? Pain lover? Once within Her grasp, She will delight in rendering you helpless by binding you to Her cross in order to partake in all kinds of cruel pleasures such as ballbusting/CBT, Impact Play, Nipple torture and biting.


Her luscious derriere will surely take your breath away....perhaps you may be lucky enough to gaze upon it as She lowers it down to engulf your face and smother you – powerless to look away. Let Her be your neurosis - you will lose yourself...


"You only have to look at Mistress Aura straight on to see Her. And She's not deadly. She's beautiful and She's laughing."

Mistress Aura is open to explore many activities, so if you are interested in something that is not listed here, please don't hesitate to ask.

you may contact her over email:

5'5", 30 years old, 7.5 shoe size, B cup, some tattoos and piercings

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