When I walk into the room, you will be inexplicably drawn to Me. You will yearn to please Me immediately, without question, as if under a spell. 

My thick, luxurious strawberry blonde hair spills down over My proud, high forehead. Confidently, I beckon you closer with dexterous fingers. Take in My slender hourglass figure. My smooth, olive complexion. Drink Me in slowly, savor Me. My long legs lead to long slender feet that were made to be worshipped. Assume your rightful position, on your knees in front of Me, your very soul bared for the taking. My eyes, a deep rich brown, flash as I assess you cooly. I can see into the very core of you. Those deep, hidden desires are exactly what I wish to tease out of you, and My wish is your command. I am tall, intimidating, and will stalk you like the wild tiger that I am. My full cupid’s bow lips curve into a mischievous smile. Are you My trembling little lamb? 

I approach play with a sense of levity that is charming, but will keep you on your toes. You’re never quite sure if I am laughing at you, or if you're laughing with Me. Are you the butt of the joke? Are you the punchline? Or are you an honored annotation in this story that is all Mine? Wouldn’t that be a delicious reward?

One thing is certain, you will have to work for My approval. But isn’t it worth it? To be blessed with My attention is to feel like there is a ray of light on only you, as if you are the center of the universe. When you leave My world, you will leave with a deeper understanding of your innermost desires. Let go. Let Me shatter your understanding of what it means to be in control.

I enjoy playing with all genders, experienced or new at BDSM play. I love playing with couples and absolutely ADORE double sessions with other mistresses at The Gates. My interests include but are not limited to:

Anal play/strap on training (arrive clean and empty)

Ball busting

Body worship - armpit, ass, boot, breast, foot, leg, tattoo worship





Corporal punishment/impact play/face slapping

Cross dressing/sissy training

Cuckolding (Myself and another mistress show you what a useless worm you are)



Financial domination

Food play/sploshing

Forced anything


Human ashtray


Ignore fetish


Orgasm control

Orgasm ruining

Pet training and pony training

Role play

Smoking fetish (you will provide My cigarettes)


Tease and denial

Tickle torture

Toy show

Wax play


If you don’t see your particular interest listed, please send an inquiry to My assistant via email at .

Additional tribute or gifts are always appreciated. Doting submissives are fondly remembered and offerings that I savor are: fresh flowers, vegan chocolates and gift cards to Mr. S Leather, RichLoveFetish, Lady Lucie Latex, Dotties Delights, Marabou Lingerie, Victoria’s Secret, Baroness Latex.



5’8”, size 9 shoe, 34 years old, extensively tattooed, playing professionally since July 2019.



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