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Switch - Playing professionally since July 2019

The sweat from your moist palms glisten as you stare down at your hands.

The clicking of one high heel after another crescendos on hard floor. Behind the cream veil, you feel an unmistakable presence.

Blood moon eyes draw you in as playful, tactful words probe your mind. My appetite wets as I unravel your deepest fantasy.

Your gaze softens as the light passes through my dark auburn hair, supple curls warm as the setting sun. Your eyes shift focus to my rose lips as I instruct, “Red” is your asylum.

I lead you to embrace your shadow, I take you into my world.

I love to keep you suspended between joy and agony, pleasure and pain, fully immersed in your most submissive state; my craft is rooted in my innate ability to disturb the comforted and comfort the disturbed.

My specialization revolves around creating mindful sensory terrains; whether it be deep states of physical pain or a hypnotic trance from just a gentle touch and my sultry voice-- I'll bring you down to hell, up to heaven, and guide you in finding your ground. I invite you to play with me:

- Sensory stimulation: deprivation, overstimulation.

- Impact: flogging, caning, spanking, ball-busting, the list is long...

- Financial: worship, servitude, human atm.

- Gender: feminization, general exploration.

 - Training: pet, android.

 - Bondage: rope, leather, predicament, mummification.

- Worship: goddess massage, foot/leg, armpit, tattoo, ass, breast (if you are so lucky).

- Humiliation: verbal, physical.

- Roleplay: our imagination is the limit.

- Food play: vegetarian only.

- Electroplay: ElectraStim unit, Violet Wand.

- Fetish exploration: I love exploring fetishes; show me your peculiarities.

​I absolutely LOVE doubles & multi-Domme sessions with my co-conspirators

at The Gates, as well as Domme friends from outside.

Ask about sessions with my hot Domme girlfriend, Goddess Gia Matadora.

We love to tease and torment together...

Contact me by email to explore your possibilities with me.

You may demonstrate your respect for me through a civil attitude first and foremost. Beyond that, I adore tangible tribute such as items of fine lingerie, latex, toys, flowers, fine alcohol, and original art:


My wishlists:

Art: Dani Bonnet, Takato Yamamoto, Madame Dabi, Apollonia Saintclair, Kukula, Vaanatar

Flowers: I love cut or potted flowers & plants

Beverage: Only fine/craft spirits & wines

Other: Are you a web developer? A tattoo artist? Craftsman of some kind? Talk to me about the ways you can serve me.


Aside from flowers and beverages, I strongly prefer gift cards for as I have specific stylistic preferences. Contact me for my measurements if there’s something specific you’d like to gift me.

5’6”, 26 years old, 8 ½ shoe, several tattoos,

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