Domina Portia Moon

Scintillating Sensuality & Strength


Have you ever found yourself entranced by the moon and the sea? 

Have you lost track of time as the waves came to break on the shore beneath incandescent, shimmering light?

Then you have already caught a glimpse of me… 

Born Goddess of the forbidden incarnate, I happily dance in heaven and hell. 

As a priestess of the moon, I gleam with its celestial power. 


That’s the game, the joy, the rhythm that is me. 


It’s what you will forsake, upend, surrender to me.


Surging, rippling, magnetic…


Do you crave to be cared for? Is acceptance your long-term vice? While under my spell your self esteem will be taken to new heights, allowing you to unlock your true value: a star orbiting my sacred spheres. 


I will take you to the edge of your fantasy. Relinquish all your control to me as I guide you on a cyclical journey, teasing you along the way. Come see what sensual secrets awaken on the dark side of the moon.


I am highly skilled in sensory control and the manifestation of my goddess energy is ethereal. It will be torture leaving me after you’ve fully trancended. You will be reduced to my humble vassal, a cask of my lunar whims. But do not fear, I am always a howl away from leading you back to the head space you were born to embody. 


Assuming the role of my slave will benefit you endlessly. Spend your days worshiping my size 11 feet and your nights gazing at my full moon. I will captivate your soul and recondition your mind, until you become an expert in fulfilling desires. Your servitude will be rewarded with the life-giving tonic of my gaze and soothing caress. 


My interests include but are not limited to:


  • Full Body Worship (Breast, Armpits, Ass, Legs, Feet) 

  • Sensual Domination 

  • Wrestling (Competitive, Semi-Competitive, Fantasy)

  • Role Play (Yoga Instructor, Amazonian Queen, Politician, Etc.)

  • Cuckolding (With Bull or Fantasy) 

  • Neglect Play

  • Temperature Play

  • Full Toilet Training (Additional Tribute Required) 

  • Slave Training 

  • CBT (Light to Heavy) 

  • Queening/Smothering 

  • Chastity (Ask me About Keyholding) 

  • Light Bondage 

  • Impact Play (Spanking, Caning, & Paddling) 

  • Verbal Humiliation 

  • Orgasm Control (Ruined, Forced, & Edging) 

  • Intimacy Coaching 

  • Boot & Heel Worship

  • Sploshing 

  • Forced Feminization/Masculinization 

  • Trampling (With Or Without Shoes)

  • Double Domination Sessions 

  • Nuru Massage (Women & Couples ONLY) 

  • Anal Play (After 2 Sessions I Am Delighted To Explore A/P {Must Arrive Clean & Empty}) 


My favorite activities include the following: 


Body Worship allows you the unique opportunity to become acquainted with my stern yet sexy play style. Whether being punished or rewarded, my sweet bosom is always a soft spot to land. 


Wrestling until you tap out from the weight of my scissor hold. Being able to physically dominate people is an incredible turn on. The grappling, the grunting, and the sweating, it’s all so primitive.


Couples are such a delight to session with.  What’s better than having full control of one person? Having full control of 2 people! Send me an email to inquire about my couples only activities. 


Intimacy Training sessions are where you’ll learn how to elevate your self care, so you can please people in and out of the dungeon. Are you struggling to make connections? Are your thumbs numb from endless swiping on tinder? Let’s explore why you’re having such a difficult time with mainstream dating.


Role Playing is my favorite activity. As a classically trained actress, I am able to quickly and believably embody any role. Am I your wicked boss who’s always making you stay after hours or am I your incredibly flexible yoga instructor who’s constantly critiquing your form? Put me in the driver's seat of your fantasy, it’ll be a wild ride you’ll never forget.  


Didn’t see the activities you’re interested in? Send me an email at… I am more than happy to discuss your individual fantasies. I also relish in mastering new activities, as well as building upon my existing skills. We might even attend a class or workshop together! 


Though I do not require gifts, the people who decide to go the extra mile will ALWAYS gain my favor. Bring me:



*Another way to gain favor is to offer tribute in all $5 bills* 


Do not deviate from the items above when offering tokens of affection, I’ve put forth a great effort to curate this list of things I’m fond of. 


View Domina Portia Moon’s Schedule Here 


The best way to book a session with me is by calling The Gates, and one of the lovely receptionists will take care of every detail. For sessions outside of my schedule and special requests please send me an email. Only serious, respectful inquiries will receive responses.


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5’10”, 28 years old, 11 shoe, several tattoos, playing professionally since May 2019.




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