From the moment your eyes fall upon me, you will be unable to restrain your devotion. Every inch of my long, lean, six foot tall body will captivate you: my full breasts, my graceful legs, my perfectly round ass. Have you ever stood in front of a work of art and found yourself paralyzed by its pristine beauty? Then you may understand the sensation of being in my presence. With my thick, naturally red hair and piercing blue eyes, my grace equals that of a Vargas painting - timeless and immaculate. Even more impressive than my appearance, however, is my imagination. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than torturing your mind and body, lighting your soul ablaze, forcing you to submit to my will. Using my sharp tongue and devilish schemes I will deprive you, break you, and lead you toward redemption. Come and worship me.


A few things I enjoy:

Slave training- This does not happen over night. 

Chasity training- I love to deny you.  

Bondage- Rope, Leather, Saran Wrap, Chains

Impact play- The more pain you can take, the better...

CBT- Ball busting, Stomping, Slapping, Crushing, Etc.

Electrical play

Roleplay- Medical, Military, School play, Fitness instructor, Girly slumber parties, Photographer/model, Religious and Occult scenarios

Body worship- Goddess Massages, tattoo admiration, body hair worship, pedicures, wet/dry foot worship, dry leg, breast and ass worship (if you're deserving)

Food play- Vegan food only 

Forced consumption- you must not be driving after forced alcohol

Financial domination- Roleplay and real life blackmail

Golden Showers- Crimson showers and brown showers when available

Cross Dressing- Make overs, dancing, slut shaming 

Animal play- Kitten, piggies, puppy and horse play 

Smoke sessions

Verbal humiliation- Ridicule and laughter 

Wrestling- Light and playful, session must be less than 1 hr

Human furniture- Couches, foot stool, ashtray, dining table, etc. 

Tickle torture- I love seeing men squeal and squirm!

Anal play- You must arrive clean! 


Medical play- needles, enemas and more...


Doubles with other Mistresses- You can never go wrong with that option

Gifts are always welcomed, and will surely keep you in great favor.  I enjoy receiving gifts of books, flowers, lingerie (size medium bottoms, 32E bra), chocolate, gift cards (Agent Provocateur, Victoria’s Secret, Good Vibrations, Blick, Amazon, etc.) and anything else you believe may make me smile. 




Here are some letters from a few of Sadie's pets:


Hi Mistress Sadie,

Thank you.  I really enjoyed being your toy.  Used for whatever you

like or found useful.  You are a truly beautiful lady, in every way.

So sweet, kind-hearted, thoughtful, spirited...I could go on and on.

You inspired me as a sub, and I feel so grateful to have worshipped


Thank you for also taking your foot away, when I wasn't massaging your feet as you ordered me to.  I may have felt disappointed at the time, but I know that I

benefit the most when there are rules and structure, and I'm held

accountable.  Thank you as well for calling me a "stupid whore".  I

can't remember exactly why, and that probably affirms why you did so.

I appreciate your strictness, and I strive to perform better for you

next time.




Mistress Sadie:  

The longing to serve you, admire your beauty, smell your intoxicating fragrance and comply with your every demand grows stronger with every passing day. I cannot wait to visit you in February when I'm back in California.





Dear Mistress Sadie,

Lips a bright red richness-- plump and ripe

Hair the hue of a summer’s flower, highlighted by the light of the sun

Skin the color of alabaster, with a touch of soft elegance

Reds, greens, blues and blacks splash this way and that in the canvass of ink upon her skin

She moves like silk, almost defying motion, with those long, long legs

Her smile is radiant as she twists the knots that bound my body and my mind

Oh Mistress, Oh Mistress, oh it was fun to play,

Let’s do this again, in our own way, on another day.




Hello Mistress Sadie,

my session with You yesterday exceeded my wildest fantasies. You are simply stunning and Your smile is just so sweet.  You are so compassionate.  i love how You laughed while torturing me.

You were right.  i slept like a baby.   i cried all night thinking about those clothespins!!  Actually, i slept so well.  It feels like my muscles had a major workout.  Maybe from tensing?  Love what You did to me.  So wicked, yet sensual.  Everything about You is beautiful from your hair, eyes, body and tattoos.  What a sensory overload for me.

So i will be back for more and talk less.  i would love to explore more with Your guidance.  More pain and more water from You. 

Your new pet, j



I just wanted to say thank you for making this afternoon very comfortable, educational and extremely fun. I apologize for smiling so much, I was just really enjoying everything. I will definitely be returning, and next time I will bring a gift to say thank you for today. You are an amazing woman. 




Mistress Sadie

Thank you very much for the wonderful session last night.

Your delicate feet and long slender legs were the highlight of the session for me. I love a girl who enjoys a good foot massage. Your slender toes and high arches are still dancing in my mind.

I truly hope you enjoyed last nights session as much as I did. I look forward to having another session with you again in the not too distant future.

Until we meet again...




Mistress Sadie

… I cannot thank you enough for opening

these perverted Gates deep within my heart! You've made me realize how

important kink is in my life and with that comes a lot of curiosity...

Basically, I want to explore new fetishes and you’re the only person I

feel comfortable with giving (near) total control to. I’ve been

speaking to people in the local BDSM community, and no one here has

that same sort of playful yet very sinister energy you exude. You're

already so gorgeous and sexy... but it's your play style that truly

makes you divine. I really can’t wait to come back!

Thank you, Mistress~

Ever faithfully,




Mistress Sadie,

I called the Gates today and requested your I could thank you again and perhaps discuss what we might be able to do in another visit.

Your look and presence are very exciting for me, and everything we did last Thursday was great; my only regret was not spending enough time.




6'1", 32 years old, 32E cup, medium panties, 8.5 shoe, several tattoos, playing professionally since January 2014.


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