Dear Friends:
        I am, at this time, open to doing sessions with a select few lucky clients.  If this opportunity would be of interest to you, please feel free to email me, stating your name, birthday, and interests, and I will get back to you within a week to let you know if I feel we would be compatible.
 - Love, Domina Sage.

  I am the Domina Sage, and I am writing these pages to tell you a little about myself - my beginnings in the S/M community; my passions, specialties and interests; my philosophy regarding S/M; as well as the house of bondage and discipline - The Gates - which I have founded; and my location and times of availability, the services I offer, and standard donations.

The Beginning

I began doing S/M around the age of fifteen or sixteen - in the beginning, I was intrigued by bondage and the power struggle that is inherent to it, and I have also enjoyed a love for leather and thigh-high boots since puberty.  I have always had a keen interest in sexual experimentation, and as I grew older, I came to learn more about my sexuality and the sexuality of other people -  the knowledge I was gaining only whetting my appetite for more.  A few months before my nineteenth birthday, I was introduced to a woman who offered me an opportunity to expand that knowledge.  She was the head of a group of women that specialized in enacting the more creative and unusual fantasies that people experience, as well as fetish exploration -- virtually anything that did not directly involve sex.  I was totally unfamiliar with the concept of S/M as a profession, and needless to say, I was fascinated.  Eventually, I decided that the opportunity to do something I already loved, learn more, and make money all at the same time sounded too good to pass up.  For more than a year I was a switch, and felt on my own skin, and knew in my own mind the things that I also learned to impart to others.  I learned how to give, and receive.  I experienced a truly vast array of interests and fetishes; loves.  Passions.  I have been involved with dominance and submission professionally since 1992.  The amount I have learned during the years that have passed is tremendous, and every day I still learn more.


Now, let me tell you of my current interests and specialties.  First of all, presently I am exclusively dominant, and enjoy doing scenes with people of all levels of experience. 


Bondage remains very high on my list of loves - the thrill that I get from the partial to full immobilization of my willing victim is one that I am not fully able to explain.  Seeing a restrained body struggling in an attempt at achieving freedom, dignity, or whatever unattainable goal it is trying to reach, quickens my pulse and brings a smile to my face.  I also enjoy very much the stoic sufferer, who does not struggle or fight, but submits willingly to the caress of my hand, or the crack of my whip.


Another thing that I especially enjoy is administering torture, ranging from very light to very heavy in intensity, and in infinitely various forms.  Flagellation, whether as a prelude to some other experience, a brief but agonizing lesson, or a more protracted journey into the world of limit pushing, is a diversion that I truly appreciate. Flogging was a fundamental part of my own initial exploration into the world of perverse pleasures, and remains something I especially enjoy.  I also have a taste for the sound of a cane cutting through the air as it follows the arc of its descent onto upturned cheeks, leaving its testimony of perfectly parallel lines for the knowing to decipher; the evenly reddened buttocks resultant from a well administered paddling, now acutely sensitive to the gentlest caress the mistress’ hand may deliver; the feel of a squirming body drawn across my lap for a hand spanking, tender cheeks exposed, with pants around ankles, my collar encircling your neck; the sudden and slight intake of breath the application of a clamp produces - these are only a few of the things that I have developed an ardent love, and strong aptitude for.

Genitorture.  The word seems ripe in itself.  The different ways that genitalia can be manipulated are vast - I frequently use a cord, or feminine ribbon, to bind the cock and balls of my willing victims in numerous ways.  I also have a dizzying array of leather restraints designed to keep your manhood under my strict control.  In addition to the plethora of bondage techniques I employ, I am extremely creative with (and enjoy immensely) the torture of genitals, whether the intensity be from the very light to the fuckin-A heavy (non-crippling) variety. Feathers and fur, clothespins and clamps, hot wax and ice, stepping on and slapping, squeezing and stretching, piercing and branding…the list does not end.


Humiliation is also among the things holding a dear place in my heart.  The methods I employ are diverse - by verbal emasculation; by making you perform all types of humiliating acts under my direction and observation; self-debasement; by submitting you to the ridicule of others; and numerous other techniques designed to be appropriate for you.


Roleplay is one of my special pleasures.  Scenes I enjoy range from schoolroom, to medical, corporate, domestic, interrogation, animal training, slave training, battle or combat, and many more.  The opportunity to assume different personas is something I have a lot of fun with, and I truly enjoy giving my role for the moment all of my abilities as an actress.



Many of my clients have had questions about my personal views relating to S/M, and the nature of my relationship with my clients, and also my feelings toward them.  I believe that there are many different aspects to the relationship that exists between a professional pervert and the client.  S/M should always be shared by consensual, mature, adult people.  I believe that the financial exchange imparts convenience and openness for both parties involved - the negotiation that occurs between mistress and client makes it possible for both people to get the things that are important to them.  Along these same lines, I understand that not all of the people that come to me are “slaves”.  There are as many different types of clients as there are birds in the sky.  Some people have a very clear and specific idea of what they wish to do in each session, whereas other people prefer to allow me more, or complete, creative control.  There are also those that wish to be slaves - to give up a greater degree of independence in their day-to-day life, and submit to the will of the Dominant on an ongoing, semi-permanent or permanent basis.  I respect and enjoy virtually all types of clientele, and take a special pleasure in sessions where I enjoy some degree of creative input.
Also, just as I feel that it is impossible to know everything about any subject, I feel I must strive to continually expand the limits of my personal knowledge, and am always delighted with the opportunity to learn more from my clients.

The Gates

In August of 1994, I decided I was ready to enter the business world on my own, and rented a modestly sized, charming one bedroom apartment in Berkeley.  My original intention was simply to become independent, but I soon realized that I had not only the capacity, but also the demand, for other women to join in the adventures.  Before long, a superb group of women grew to form the backbone of the organization that officially came to be known as The Gates.  We occupied our apartment for a year and a half, hosting what I am sure to be the most outrageous times that little apartment has seen ever before or since, until the time came that I had to face the fact that we simply had outgrown the space.  The search for a worthy house began, and in November of 1995 ended in a gorgeous, hundred-year-old home easily four times the size of our previous space.  Breathtaking woodwork, vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, and four generously-sized session rooms made our new home very pleasant to become used to, as we customized the space to accommodate our needs. Time passed, and again I came to feel that we needed more room to stretch our wings.  Our final search for a home brought us to the space that we have been enjoying since January of 2006 - another hundred-year-old Victorian, this time with five spacious session rooms and potential for even more growth!

A vast array of whips, crops and paddles, bondage devices for all parts of the body, numerous types of tools and toys, and much more compose The Gates’ arsenal of pleasures, and, along with the improvements and enhancements our facility is continually undergoing, makes The Gates the premier house of bondage and discipline in the Bay Area.

At this time I also wish to give credit to the single greatest force that has aided me in the creation of The Gates - the aforementioned backbone - the women who compose The Gates.  I have been amazingly fortunate in the women who have crossed through the doorway of The Gates - intelligent, talented, creative while practical, honest, and overwhelmingly beautiful people.  I can not give them enough credit or thank them enough for making The Gates what it is today.

Please feel free to call (510) 261-SAGE to arrange a session or for more information.

My donations start at $300 for the hour, and I require email contact before we can arrange a session.  Include your first name and birthday when emailing me (200 words max, please) at .  Please be aware that I don't check my email daily, so if your matter is time-sensitive (or relating to employment) I suggest contacting The Gates via telephone. 

If you would like to demonstrate your appreciation by sending me a present, here is my wishlist: .  All tokens of affection can be mailed to: The Gates, attn. Sage; P.O. Box 3967; Berkeley, CA 94703.  Thanks!



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