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Amazonian Goddess

Switch - In The Gates Mentorship since June 2023

From the moment She graces you with Her presence, Mistress Selene commands your devotion. Standing six feet tall in bare feet – imagine how small and insignificant you will feel while She towers over you in high heels. In addition to an Amazonian stature, this Goddess possesses piercing green eyes and silky, alabaster skin....truly a sight to behold!


Visualize yourself with Her powerful legs constricting around your neck, robbing you of your ability to breathe – equally mesmerized and powerless to beg for Her mercy.

Her supple ass lowering down onto your face to suffocate your every breath like an extinguishing flame.

Her strong arms pinning you down like a little puppet while having her way with you.


Her control over you shifts in what She, Herself describe as “gentle cruelty”....

lulling you deeper into Her clutches.


Should She allow your puny hands to touch Her, it shall only be to prove your worth in service through massage of Her toned back and supple ass.


Your epiphany shall come as you realize you’re ready to accept any and all punishments or rewards She decides to grace you with. You want nothing more than to devote yourself to the Goddess. 


While the Mistress loves being shown devotion and doling out punishment in many ways, some of Her favorite activities include:

  • Impact: canes, paddles, crops, and other implements

  • Gender play: feminization, sissification

  • Anal play: fisting, strap on

  • Bondage: rope and leather restraints

  • Humiliation: verbal, spitting, face slapping, and more 

  • Training: puppy, slut

  • Tease and denial

  • Role play: no race play, otherwise your imagination is the only limit

  • Smothering and trampling

  • Sensation play: temperature, taste, touch, and more

  • Foot, heel, and boot worship

  • Body worship: armpit, legs, ass

  • Wrestling

  • Cuckolding: verbal roleplay, or with other Mistresses


The Mistress enjoys playing with people of all genders, sexual orientations, and experience levels. She especially loves couples and queer/trans submissives.

If there’s an activity you’re interested in that isn’t listed here,

you may contact Her at:                         



6’0”, 22 years old, 10 shoe, 36C cup, one small tattoo, ear piercings


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