My love for BDSM really began with my first truly submissive encounter, at the tender age of 21. I had dabbled a bit with breath play, spanking, spitting and golden showers, but I was new to playing with strangers. Shy yet eager, when I was invited to be their toy, I happily obeyed. They bent me over a pool table and tied me down, my long legs stretched open and my full, voluptuous ass pointed up into the air. They took turns spanking, paddling, flogging and whipping me, and as the warm, stinging sensation filled my body, I felt myself surrendering fully. I was sold.


I soon found myself wanting more. My girlfriend at the time and I began switching. The cries, moans and pleas of my mistress-turned-slut pleased me to my very core. The idea that I was causing such pleasurable pain lit a fire in my cool Aquarius heart and brought to life a thousand demented desires. As she laid back on our bed, drooling around the ball gag I had shoved into her mouth, I held her bound arms back and spanked her tight little ass. Seeing her surrender caused a tremendous well of power to surge through me. I knew then that I was a magnificent Goddess, a Mistress— a Dominatrix ready to play.


As soon as you are in my presence, you will be hypnotized by my exotic French/Mexican looks. Do you dare gaze into my dark, honey brown eyes? A true force of nature, my long curvy legs lead to my perfect heart-shaped ass. My dirty mouth will enchant you, and you will find yourself unable to resist this feisty Goddess. Don’t let my delightful smile fool you— I yearn to devilishly toy with your deepest desires. My sometimes loving, sometimes scorching touch will bewitch you; sometimes I am sweet, sensual and nurturing, and other times I am rough, wicked and strong. I will take away your breath as I build you up, only to break you down again. I will turn you into a perfect devoted slave, a pawn for a Goddess. I want to see how far your mind, soul and body can go for me.


  • bondage

  • mummifying

  • cross dressing

  • tease & denial

  • verbal humiliation

  • corporal punishment (flogger, singletail whip, canes, and paddles)

  • spanking

  • face slapping

  • CBT

  • spitting

  • ice/wax play

  • body worship (feet, legs, especially my ass)

  • boot/high heel worship

  • breath play

  • sensory deprivation

  • trampling (boot/high heel, feet)

  • food play

  • queening/smothering

  • nipple play (light to hard)

  • wrestling

  • golden shower

  • strap on show

  • pet & slave training

  • foot stool training

  • double sessions



I enjoy playing with all levels of submissives, however I only submit to experienced Doms. Let’s explore this fantasyland together.


I’m fond of the darker side of things, and enjoy gifts that represent that— anything black, gory, or demented tickles my sick, twisted self. I love books about cultural studies, art, spirituality and bondage, vintage items, your art or poetry and crystals. I wear a medium or large top, size large bottom, and am a 38D if you were hoping to bring me some lingerie.

You may contact Tiffany via email at .


5’6”, 26 years old, 10 shoe, several tattoos, playing professionally since August 2018.



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