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Fully Vaccinated

Switch - In TheGates Mentorship since January 2023

My chosen name is Undine - an elemental creature reflecting my fluidity and quiet power.

I am the feral beast of your dreams, the sensual siren luring you to your little death.

My petite exterior is but a veil for the depth of my perverse interior.

My hypnotic brown eyes and a wicked grin compel you to submit.


Through BDSM I create worlds.


Whether grounding or Earth shattering - spiritual or purely hedonistic,

BDSM is an indispensable part of my sexuality and identity.

My style of Dominance shifts in accordance to the dynamic I see fit.

My Dominance is often feral, feline, seductive and consensually cruel.


The goal of my practice is to bring you into a space where you may completely let go and surrender to Me.

I find the most delicious D/s dynamics are formed over time. For this reason my preference is to build a long term relationship with my submissives. I am open to playing with fetishists as well when they align with my own fetishes! (see my interests listed below)

I play with folks of all ethnic/racial backgrounds, genders as well as sexual identities and especially encourage queer kinksters to reach out.

Here are just a few of my current favorite activities :

If there is something not listed below that you are curious about, feel free to inquire:

● Impact: floggers, paddles, caning, spanking, bastinado

● Smoking / Human Ashtray

● Objectification

● Fetishes- latex, feet, leather, scent

● Submission Training

● Mummification

● Golden Shower

● Cuckolding

● Spitting

● Needle play

● Pet-play

● Strap-on

● Tease & Denial

● Sensory Deprivation/ Overload

● Fear play

● Mindfuck

● Knife play

● Kidnapping role-play, Predator/prey role-play

Want to make a good first impression?

Gift giving is one of my love languages.

I am fond of flowers (ones in season) and potted plants.

I also have a curated gift list on Wishtender:

I can be reached via Email at:

5’0”, 24 years old, 5 shoe, 30C cup, ear, navel, and nipple piercings, one medium tattoo.


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