Vivienne as a submissive

I would thoroughly enjoy being your sweet and sensual pet.  I yearn for my master’s close embrace, so it is easy to torment me by locking me up or putting me in bondage, so far away from you and begging for your touch.  Or maybe you will torture me by allowing only a spanking or your flogger to kiss my desperate flesh; my helpless booty will jiggle delightfully when struck by you.  Tie me down and tickle me intil I beg you to stop...and then I'll beg for more.  Whatever you enjoy, I am eager to learn the lessons of how to properly please you, Sir.  If I have indeed pleased you and you would like to reward me, I adore submitting to other mistresses so that you may delight in watching them deliver cruel and delicious punishments to me.


Submissive Vivienne enjoys:


Bondage and confinement


Tickle torture


Corporal punishment




Pet and animal play (I would love to be your adoring kitten or playful puppy!)



If you wish to earn my favor, you may pay tribute to me in the form of gift certificates to Victoria’s Secret, Mr. S Leather, and Kabuki Spa, and fine full-bodied red wines (especially red Zinfandels).  If you have been graced by my presence in a session, you may also please me by sending me a thoughtful e-mail or letter appreciating our time together.


You may contact Vivienne via email at .


5’2”, 27 years old, size 7 feet, one very small tattoo.



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