Perplexing and maddening, Beatrix is sure to take your breath away… will you earn it back? Her wild and sadistic nature is veiled by her at once gentle demeanor, but beneath her soft green eyes lies a fierce temptress. If you find yourself in the presence of this fiery force of nature, you can be sure that both your fears and fantasies will be made real.


She revels in the opportunity to explore the following activities with her lucky subjects:


Impact play (spanking, flogging, caning, whipping)

Tease and denial

Body worship (not limited to, but certainly enjoys; foot, ass, breast, armpit)


Verbal humiliation

Anal play/strap-on/fisting

Golden showers

Crimson showers

CBT/ball busting

Cross dressing

Role play

Pony play




Piercing/needle play



Food play


If you would like to venture beyond the activities listed, she would be delighted to hear from you directly! Please share all your juiciest fetishes and fantasies…


She is also fond of playing as a submissive with skilled, respectful dominant partners who have proven their worth and loyalty.


Small gifts and tokens of appreciation are welcomed and encouraged! Show Mistress Beatrix how much you cherish her with dark chocolate, quality bourbon whiskey, bizarre and abstract art and artifacts, and flowers.  Kind words are also always embraced!

5'1", 6 shoe, 27 years old, several tattoos and piercings, playing professionally since February 2019.


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