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Switch - Playing professionally since February 2017

My heels click smartly on the hardwood floor, and hearing the noise, you turn to greet Me. When our eyes meet, you halt in your tracks, riveted by the rich depths of My earthy brown gaze. The mischievous smile says that I saw your breath catch in your chest. In a clear moment of concession, you bow your head. I can tell that although your eyes have hit the floor, you are compelled to let them wander upward to appreciate your Goddess. Gleaming in the soft light, My matte black boots catch your eye. Your pulse throbs as you imagine what the heel feels like pressed against flesh. Each boot, impeccably laced, cling to My calves. The boots end where My toned thighs begin. They are as capable of squeezing your breath away as effortlessly as My full ass or perky tits. You will come to see that every inch of My tall, slender frame is adeptly capable of inflicting a spectrum of pleasures and pains, from the gentlest of caresses to the strongest of blows.


Equally adept is My knowledge, intuition, and sense of play. I take many forms, and know that you do as well. Though I am always your Goddess, we can also another’re the masochist and I’m the sadist. you’re the church boy and I’m the strict nun. you’re the cuck and I’m the wife. As you are, or as someone else, you’ll find your ego quickly unravelling, leaving a part of you who’s seen only by Me. Sometimes I wrap your ego around Me and at others I crush it under My matte black boot. Either way, we both know it’s for the best.


All variation of alternative sexualities are encouraged to come play! Fetishists, couples, queer and trans folx, as well as submissives, switches, slaves, cuckolds, lifestyle players are all also welcome in My domain. As I said, I do indulge in all kinds of play, and to be more specific, some of My favorites are:

*Anal Play




*CBT, from light to ballbusting

*Corporal Punishment



*Cuckolding (verbally or with another Mistress)



*Financial Domination


*Foot/Heel/Boot Worship

*Forced Anything

*Golden Showers

*Humiliating you

*Impact Play

*Intentional Neglect


*Nipple Play- sensual to sweetly torturous

*Orgasm Control, Denial, and Ruining



*Sessions with other Mistresses

*Slave Training



This, of course, is not an exhaustive list. You may email with inquiries and requests for more specific scenes, or to request a session. You may also call The Gates directly and the receptionist will provide you with the necessary information to come see Me. 


Additionally, sweet notes and small gifts are easy ways to show your devotion, whether we are meeting for the first or fifth time. I always appreciate fresh flowers, dairy-free chocolates, Playful Promises or Honey Birdette lingerie (36C/29 waist), and gift cards to Ulta, Sephora. If you wish to gift something special, you can find My Amazon wishlist here.

5'8", 28 years old, size 9 shoe and boot, C cup, several medium tattoos

You may reach Me through email at .

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