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Still waters run deep

Switch - Playing professionally since October 2014


Over the years, I have immersed Myself in the exploration of complete power exchange dynamics, whether as a professional Dominatrix or as a lifestyle Domme - I relish in the mental exchange that happens between two individuals when coming together.


My kind brown eyes, petite physique and easy going demeanor may deceive you into thinking Me innocent, but you will experience that merely being in My demanding Presence will heighten your awareness.


I'm a powerful yet nurturing seductress with a sadistic streak.

Hot as fire and cold as ice.

Like an apex predator will play with it's prey, I will flaunt and tease you with what you so desperately crave

- Finding pleasure in your torment -

- Adoring your anguish -


A vast array of emotions will be rushing over you as you delve deeper into submission while I systematically pry open your mind. Like water flooding a drowning body, I will infiltrate the deepest corners of your being. While you are drowning with emotions, all you can do is get lost - admiring My elegance and grace.


Sinful lips that form a mischievous smile and a devilish twinkle in My eyes.


Let me wrap you in the warmest blanket of safety and affection as you give in and permit yourself the freedom of surrender. My soft touch will be imprinting itself into your consciousness and you will soon find yourself not being able to resist wanting to become the perfect subserviant being for Me.


I find solace in knowing that I have become the center of your desire that torments you in your sleep - and while you are awake!


If you just happen to be here to please Me!

Naturally I love getting pampered and adored. I love


  • Foot worship

         (whether you want to massage them, lick them, wash them or lightly caress them)

  • Body Massage (Oil massage, deep tissue massage)

  • Hair brushing

  • light tickling

  • online shopping sprees (while I sit on your gagged face or shove My feet into your mouth)


but for most of you, that want to experience submission on a different level than just servitude, My interests are vast as they change with the individual that seeks out My company. Always in control, you will find that I excite you as much as intimidate you!


Some of My favorite interests are:

  • Complete power exchange

  • Tease and Denial (edge play, orgasm control)

  • Multi Domme sessions

         (with any of the Mistresses former and currently at The Gates)

  • Bondage (rope, leather cuffs, mummification with saran wrap)

  • Tickle torture (fingers, feathers, pinwheel, fur)

  • Sensory Deprivation (hoods, gags, blindfolds, earplugs)

  • Sensation play

         (wax & ice, vibration, electricity, sounding and various other devices)

  • Degradation

         (Verbally, Spitting, Faceslapping and individually crafted to the scene)

  • Nipple torture (fingers, nails, nipple clamps, clothespins)

  • Foot/Stocking worship

  • High heel/ Boot worship

  • Slave training (Protocol, slave positions, domestic servitude)

  • Smothering, Facesitting

  • Feminization/ Cross dressing (Tea parties, wigs, full make-up, maid training)

  • Sissy/Slut training (Anal play, Strap-on play)

  • Chastity and Key holding (long-term or while in session)

  • Impact play (hand spanking, paddles, floggers, caning)

  • Caging (Confinement, ignore, voyeurism)

Of course, those are just My very favorite ones and I engage in most everything BDSM.

you may email Me with your inquiry/questions via email:

I do very limited switch and sub work these days, but maybe you can tickle My fancy!?

I love to play with men, women and couples of all sexual orientations and experience levels.

5'2", 36 years old, 71/2 Heels, 8 Boot, 32 B cup, no tattoos nor piercings,


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