What steps do you take to assure my privacy?

There are many steps we take to create a safe, private and discreet experience for you.  You will NEVER see another client inside our home.  We also play music during all sessions, so unless you start yelling, no one will hear you while you are in session, or coming and going.  In addition, we make every effort to ensure that the only person that you encounter is the person with whom you will be doing your session (occasionally the receptionist will answer the door for you instead of your mistress).  Also, our client records are organized using only your first name (or alias) and your birth date - we will never collect any other personal information about you, and we never share our records.


How much does a session cost?

The cost of the session ranges from $200 for a one hour session.  Extended sessions, multiple person sessions and toilet training sessions are also available.  Please call for pricing.

Where is The Gates located and what are the hours?
The Gates is located in a beautiful two story Victorian style home in Oakland, 25 minutes outside of downtown San Francisco.  We normally are open from 10AM to 10PM, seven days a week. 

What are the rooms like?

We have five rooms for you to choose from.  Here are their descriptions and the larger pieces of equipment and features found in each:

·        Executive Dungeon: rubber draped walls, full-size stainless steel bondage bed, St. Andrew’s cross, suspension unit, spanking bench, and optional sling

·        Carnelian or Domestic Room: comfortable bedroom setting ideal for domestic roleplay, with a Queen size bed, vanity table and chair, and suspension unit

·        Gold or Damask Room: wide open floor plan with two St. Andrew’s crosses, large ottoman, spanking horse, optional gynecological table, and optional 10’ x 10’ wrestling/athletic mats

·        Sapphire or Worship Room: deep blue walls, with a built-in jail cell, long cage/bondage table, standard cross, full-size futon, and a suspension unit

·        Scarlet or Classical Dungeon: red satin draped walls, with an 8’ tall wooden bondage structure featuring 2 suspension units and a St. Andrew’s cross, spanking horse, loveseat, chair, and optional sling

Is there any sex involved in the sessions?
There is absolutely no sex involved with any of the women who do sessions at The Gates.  If that is what you are looking for, we recommend calling a masseuse or escort service.

Do I get an opportunity to speak with the person I am seeing before the session?
Before every session you will have 5-10 minutes with the person you are seeing to discuss what both of you do and don't wish to have occur during the session.  You may also negotiate for longer periods if you desire, but that may result in some time being taken off of your session in order to keep us running on schedule.

I am married or have a girlfriend.  Will the session leave any marks on my body?
The women of The Gates are highly skilled in the use of the various toys and implements of the house.  The session can range from light and playful to incredibly intense.  If you desire to leave the house with no marks, just let the woman doing your session know, and your needs will be accommodated. 

I am in to some pretty kinky things and I don't see the specific activity I am looking for listed on your web site.  What should I do?
The women of The Gates have a great deal of experience dealing with a wide range of clients with an incredible variety of wishes and desires.  Feel free to call The Gates and discuss exactly what you have in mind with our receptionist.

What kinds of things can we do?
The list of activities that can be explored at The Gates is infinite, but here are a few ideas:





bullwhipping/single tail whipping

breast and/or nipple torture

genital torture

wax play

ice play



body fetish/worship





armpit ...

photo shoots or posing/modeling

dressing up as the opposite gender (crossdressing)

feminization training

watching someone masturbate or being watched

seeing two (or more!) women together

electrical play

spit play

piss play

scat play


playing baby (infantilism)

shaving or being shaved


perform embarrassing acts

be displayed to other people...

verbal abuse

insulting names



small penis

bad body


cuckold fantasies

forced exercise

pony play

dog training

obedience training

slave training

doctor exams

tying up and being tied up (bondage)

rope bondage

leather bondage

symbolic/verbal bondage



saran-wrap mummification

sensory deprivation/stimulation

tactile stimulation








stomach punching

ball busting

being trampled

breath control/asphyxiation










revolutionary war ...

fetish exploration










face slapping

hair pulling

multi-lingual sessions

Obviously, the activities we get into here are only limited by your imagination!

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