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Switch - In The Gates Mentorship since May 2022

The shimmer of Her skin is soft and silky, like the sleek coat of the majestic genus of Her namesake. With a gaze that will open your senses,

awaken your Amrita - your sacred nectars - elevate you to the realms of the unworldly, and leave you yearning for more.

This Persian feline is both sensuous and sexy, with a side of Viking ice.

Abundantly versed in a multitude of vernaculars - ranging from austere and withholding, to mean and loquacious - Panthera loves to get under your skin and haunt you in all the best ways.

Come as catnip. Bring your thick skin or desire to be belittled; for this mischievous Mistress loves to instigate trouble. She has a deep love for degradation and humor at your expense, and will teach you your insignificance. From psychological mind Fuckery to full on physical tribulation, Panthera feasts on the playful and perverse....

Playing with Her food – only to toss the pieces not fit for feline consumption.

Be you puppy or pony, Panthera has tamed the wild horses of Mongolia, crossed the depths of the jungle , and defeated ice baths of more than 20 minutes -

breaking you is next on the list of to-do’s.

On the prowl, Her favorite prey is a true masochist. She relishes in seeing you shiver in the literal terror; as is to be expected when a large feline stalks your very soul.

No matter with claw, crop or rope in hand, She’s more than acquainted with the lands of predicament and punishment. Internationally trained in Shibari and Kinbaku, subjecting you as prey to the ropes is more than just instinct.

A love of confining Her toys, Panthera relishes in tying you into surrender.

Like that of the noble cat, Panthera expects you to come clean inside and out;

the only place for filth is in your mind. No matter your level of experience, Panthera only nurtures those of the litter that show true and complete submission with vulnerability and authenticity - for it is only here that your play can become expansion.

Panthera loves scenes with other dommes, playing with all genders, bodies, orientations - setting the welcoming space for you to explore your strangest desires.

Feed your fantasy and book Panthera with other mistresses of the house or come with your partner(s). Either way like a moth to the flame, you can’t resist your desire to be burned by the claws of Panthera.

Panthera loves to play in and with:

- Verbal Humiliation

- Objectification

- Degradation

- Age play

- Anal (with deeply cleaned subs)


- Biting

- Bondage/ Rope bondage:

  (I especially love suspension, predicaments, breath play & couples in rope)

- Breath play

- Caging


- Chastity 

- Couples/Polycules

- Cuckolding 

- Electro play (I have a TENS unit)

- Face sitting/smothering

- Face slapping

- Financial Domination

- Food play- (organics) especially tantalizing denial and sploshing

- Foot/heel/boot worship

- Gender play, feminization and cross-dressing

- Impact (whips, floggers, caning, etc)

- Ice play

- Mind Fuckery

- Mummification 

- Ignore fetish

- Nipple Play/Torture 

- Object/food insertion

- Oral strap on

- Ownership

- Pain

- Pet training (esp. Pony and Puppy)

- Predicament

- Punishment

- Role play

- Sensory play and deprivation 

- Sessions with other Mistresses, Dom’s and Dommes 

- Showers (Golden, Brown, Crimson)

- Sissification/ feminization training 

- Spanking

- Spitting

- Tease and denial esp. with food

- Trampling

- Wax play

- Worship

- Wrestling

If you want to play in a realm you don’t see listed here, feel free to contact her via email:

Catch her attention and awaken the purr with tributes of gift cards for spa massages, Amazon, Whole Foods or gifts from Panthera’s Throne list here


For those who dare to impress, bring Panthera the treat of imported organic raw cacao (esp. From ‘Cau Chocolate’ Bali)


Or show your philanthropic side and donate to these organizations on Panthera’s behalf

1.Operation Underground Railroad )

2.Panthera )

5’8”, 7 heel/ 7.5 boot, 34 years, no tattoos


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