The Gates needs your help.  


COVID-19, and the accompanying shelter-in-place order,

has been devastating for us. 


The last three months have seen, for us and so many others in the service industry, a dramatic and unsustainable reduction in the number of clients we have been seeing, and this is proving to be a turning point in the future of The Gates.  Our beautiful business was built with the purpose and goal of providing life-altering experiences borne of the human connection, and we are hamstrung by the impossibility of providing a very personal service while remaining “socially distant”. 


What I want, first and foremost, is to be able to continue to improve the quality of your lives.  I want you to come and spend time with us, today and in the years ahead, and have first-hand, real life experiences unlike any other, as together we create memories that will last you forever. 


I want to be able to tell you we will be ok.  Unfortunately, without your help this will not be the case.  We absolutely need you to support us if we are going to come out on the other side of this pandemic.


In August, The Gates will celebrate 26 years of service to our community.  I could not have imagined, when I was 21 years old, that I would be lucky enough to give 26 years of my life to fostering such a unique and special place.  That we would grow from a modest 1-bedroom apartment shared by a handful of women to a gracious space with five session rooms shared by dozens of women.  That hundreds of women, and thousands of clients, would become part of the community we were building over 26 years of experience.  But all that happened, thanks to you.


Today, you have the power to keep all that going.  Today, you have the power to make a real change and do what you can to help The Gates get through this crisis.  Today, you can be part of the solution and make sure that a service you cherish will continue to be available for you. 


Ideally, if we weren’t in the midst of this contagion, we would love it if you came in for a session.  We know, however, that for many of us a live session isn’t possible right now.  If you can donate $200 – the cost of one hour of time with us - we would be able to continue being here for you in the long term.  If you are unable to donate that amount but still want to support us, even a small donation can make a difference.


We are asking for your help because many of you have had some of the most memorable experiences of your life with us.  We’ve been here for you over the years, and now we need you to be here for us.  We are all in this together, and without the strong support of our loyal clientele The Gates will not make it.   


Join us in a future where, together, we can make your wildest dreams come true. 


Thank you for your help, and showing us how much you value having us in your lives, and being here for us in our hour of need. 

Love Always,




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