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Switch - In The Gates Mentorship since March 2024

You’re starving for a purpose. You could either be a lost soul- or a well accomplished individual, yet something is still missing. Something that might dangle on the border of insanity.

So you have summoned me here, to both your salvation and undoing. While I am new to the world of professional domination, I know that I will adore charming you – putting on the mask of the sweet girl next door you think I am.

My disarming and seductive nature will take you to a relaxing island where nothing else matters …. I gently pull you closer …... I slowly whisper in your ear - confessions of the depraved things I really want to do to you! This is what will complete you. The pact we made, sealed in the secrets of our most taboo desires.

I am the obsessive Goddess that treasures her precious toy who serves her well.

I am fun, warm , friendly and compassionate. Committed to enhance your overall well-being through the power of inflicting relentless suffering and complete desperation until you drown in the overpowering nature of my seas.

Ruthlessly playing with your emotions, mind and body, plunging you deeper into subspace, corrupting you until you can't tell affection from suffering anymore.


Then and only then, will you feel a caress on your skin and hear praises whispered in your ears as you succumb to a safe place in your psyche. The level voice telling you are good enough and loved will lull you to sleep and total comfort.

Crave the push and pull of the waves along the shore?

Feeling spent but oh so satiated in your sense of purpose. It is only under my complete and utter control, do these emotions lace a tangible realness into every encounter with me.

Let me guide you into something ancient, primal, and abysmal- beyond the expectations society lays out to us. This world tries to tell you all that you are- creates a mask you burden to wear.

Just some of the activities I love and adore:

  • ASMR

  • Body worship (hand, breast, ass, leg, feet)

  • Bondage

  • Breath play

  • Caging

  • Collars

  • CBT

  • Chasity

  • Crazed / obsessed 

  • Cosplay (have a favorite anime character you’re craving to play with? Email me!)

  • Groups (couples, friends, polycules)

  • Cuckolding

  • Face sitting / smothering

  • Face slapping

  • Financial domination

  • Gender play (feminization / sissification)

  • Impact play (flogger / paddle / riding crop)

  • Mind fuckery

  • Multi Domme sessions

  • Ignore fetish / intentional neglect

  • Ownership

  • Pain

  • Predicament

  • Pet training

  • Sensory deprivation 

  • Strap on 

  • Showers (Golden / Crimson)

  • Spitting 

  • Spanking

  • Tease and denial


The world is not limited to just the above. To sate your desire beyond these, email your Goddess here to inquire about other activities:

To further please Me, offerings of flowers and gift cards to Sephora would do well to showcase your appreciation for My presence.

5’2” 23 years old, 6.5 shoe, 7 heel, 34 DD bra size, no piercings, small tatoos


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