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Simple Suggestions for Smoother Sessions

1. Be on time.  Not early, not late - even by five minutes.  At times we are very busy, and try to schedule you in such a way that you won't encounter other clients on the doorstep or in the waiting room.  You arriving either early or late can completely foil our attempts at providing a private, discreet experience for you as well as our other guests.

2. Be articulate.  Devote some time and mental energy to figuring out exactly what you want to do or explore during your visit.  We strive to provide you with the best and most fulfilling experience possible, which is made infinitely easier when you can explain what you have in mind.  If you find it difficult to verbally express yourself a letter or written communication is fine as well.

3. Cooperate with our phone staff.  The questions you are asked are only designed to obtain the information that we deem necessary for providing you with the best experience possible.  When it comes to getting you here - we give many people directions to our house every day.  Please, just write down and follow the directions you are given and you will have no problem finding us.

4. Be clean.  No matter what your personal preferences are in terms of the hygiene of yourself and your play partners, our staff is universal in the desire that you arrive for your session recently bathed and free of any scent-producing substances on your body (including excessive cologne).  If you are coming directly from an activity that would make an opportunity to bathe desirable (for example: if you work in a physically strenuous field) you are welcome to use our shower prior to your session.

5. Have a mint.  Or, make both us and your dentist happy: brush, floss and gargle!

6. Always call and let us know if you cannot make an appointment.  We hold your session time for you and do not appreciate no-shows any more than would your doctor, therapist or hair stylist.

7. Be consistent in your plans for your visit with us.  Please don't ask for one set of activities when you call to make your appointment and ask for a drastically different set of activities when you arrive for your session.  We do our best to be ready for you when you arrive here, and a significant change in plans makes that much more difficult.

8. If there is an activity that is essential for your enjoyment of the session, please make sure the person you are seeing enjoys that activity also before setting up your appointment.

9. Use your safeword when you need to.  We will feel more comfortable exploring new things with you if we trust you to inform us when something is not working.  We need feedback in order to give you the best experience possible, and no quality mistress will be upset at you for informing her of your limits.

10. Do not speak disparagingly of one of our staff to another.

Thank you for taking the time to read this section.  We created it in an effort to ensure that you have the best possible experience during your visit with us, and hope you have found it to be helpful!  See you soon!

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