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Switch - Playing professionally since December 2017


Let me show you the mercuriality of being - the pain and pleasure. Your mind will writhe in wonder what will happen next as I go from sweet and sympathetic to Machiavellian and malevolent. Insatiable, seductive, sensual... and oh so merciless.


Like a dog you’re chained to my every word, submissive to all directives and loyal to your master. With every sanction comes a chance to redeem yourself, until I sculpt you into my purrfect pet. Leading you through our opening ceremony will ensure that your ego is extinguished and your unconscious desires - a much more primal part of you that craves to be seen, emerges.


For our closing ceremonies your senses will heighten as I coax you out of your hypnotic state and return you to earth, brilliant and buzzing. When you step out of my chambers, you will already be pining for the smell of my sumptuous curls.  My regular playthings often speak of the renewed spark they find in themselves long after they've left the building. With constant devotion you’ll see that our recreations are not just for our amusements but to carve you into a more evolved being. See how I skillfully break away your casing with my mind and body until nothing is left but you - exposed and vulnerable.


Listen to the crack of my whip and know that with every lash you are falling deeper into our little dream where you can break away from your life of monotony and lay bare. Your thoughts, they’ll whisper to you,

… Goddess Gia.

… Goddess Gia.



I enjoy many activities, though my favorite are the ones spent with good company. I am the adventurous type so if there are activities you are curious about but do not see listed don’t be shy to inquire. If you would like to guide me, be my guinea pig, or sponsor a workshop send me an email:


Anal Play (Please arrive clean and empty) Here is a guide on how to prep



Legs, Feet, Boots, Heels, Leather, Latex, Stockings


Bondage - Restraint, Mummification, Predicament


Genitorture, CBT, Nipple Torture


Corporal Punishment & Impact Play


Couples (Bring your Partner for Play or Training)


Lesbian Cuckolding


Edge Play - Asphyxiation, Sounding, Pin Cushion, Microbranding, Knife


Electro Play - I have both a Tens Unit and a Violet Wand.


Feminization, Crossdressing, & Gender Play


Humiliation - SPH, CFNM, Verbal, Physical, Ignore, Spit, CEI, Trample, Financial Domination


JOI, Mutual Masturbation & Toy Shows

Queening, Face Sitting, & Smothering


Roleplay & Psycho Drama


Sensory Play - Deprivation, ASMR, Temperature, Tickle


Sploshing, Food Play, Force Feed & Figging


Squirt/Golden Showers, Brown Showers (require 24 hour notice and additional deposit.)


To relish in Goddess Gias beauty view her schedule Here.


Those who I hold dearest love to spoil me with flowers and/or gift cards to the spa.  July is my birth month, though I am fond of gifts year round.


Some libations I enjoy are ceremonial grade matcha, white wine & bubbly. Red wine & sickly sweet drinks will be thrown back in your face.


I am a collector of vintage as well as modern perfumes and their bottles.


I like my treats vegan, leather real and Gift Cards made out to Agent Provocateur, Busted Brand Latex, and Sephora


Amazon Wishlist, Here.

 Gifts are a thoughtful way to make you stand out as well as make me think of you when you aren’t around.


Booking through the dungeon is preferred, but if your schedule doesn’t align here is a quick copy/paste guide to booking specials.


My Website.


5’4”, 25 years old, 7 shoe, 32DD cup, no tattoos, pierced navel, playing professionally since December 2017.

​"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage"
Anaïs Nin

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