"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Let me show you the mercuriality of being - the pain and pleasure. My ability to switch from sweet and sympathetic to Machiavellian and malevolent will leave your mind writhing in wonder at what I’ll do next. Sexy, seductive, sensual… and often times oh so merciless.

Like a dog you’ll hang on my every word, obedient to all directives, loyal from discipline. With every sanction comes a chance to redeem yourself, until I sculpt you into my purrfect pet. When I lead you into our place of ritual our opening ceremony will ensure that your ego is extinguished and your unconscious desires - a much more primal and wanting part of you that craves to be seen - emerges.

For our closing ceremonies your senses will heighten as I coax you out of your hypnotic state and return you to earth, brilliant and buzzing. When you step out of my chambers, you will already be pining for the smell of my sumptuous curls.  My regular playthings often speak of the renewed spark they find in themselves long after they've left the building. With constant devotion you’ll see that our recreations are not just for our amusements but to carve you into a more evolved being. See how I skillfully break away your casing with my mind and body until nothing is left but you - exposed and vulnerable.

Listen to the crack of my whip and know that with every lash you are falling deeper into our little dream where you can break away from your life of monotony and lay bare.

Your thoughts, they’ll whisper to you,

… Goddess Gia.

… Goddess Gia.



The activities I most enjoy but am not exclusive to are:


Anal Play (Please arrive clean and empty)

Here is an illustrated guide on how to prep for A/P


Body Worship (Hair, Underarm, Breast, Ass, Legs & Feet)


Bondage - Restraint & Predicament


Boot & Heel Worship


CBT (Cock & Ball Torture)


Charity Fetish


Corporal Punishment & Impact Play


Cuckolding (With or Without a Bull)


Electro Play - I have both a Tens Unit and a Violet Wand. (I also offer electro sounding but you must purchase and bring your own sound. Email me for more info on this.)


Feminization, Masculinization, Crossdressing & Gender Play


Financial Domination


Forced Cumsumption


Human Punching Bag and Playful Wrestling - I especially love wrestling in the form of a frisky session full of quips and giggles.


Humiliation - Clothed Female, Naked Male; Verbal Degradation


Ice Play


Ignore Fetish. I like catching up with a girlfriend on the phone or playing video games on my Nintendo Switch as you worship my body from the floor.


Needle Play


Pet Play (Dog/Pig/Kitty,Etc.)

Queening & Smothering


Roleplay Scenarios & Psycho Drama, I love the opportunity to be as creative and improvisational as I can be, I like everything from the classic Student & Teacher, Boss & Employee to Space Alien Amazon or Sex Slave R/P’s (The kinkier the better.)


Sensory Deprivation, ASMR


Small Penis Humiliation


Spitting in your Mouth, Face, Body and Soul.


Sploshing, Food Play, Forced Consumption & Figging


Strict Mommy/Schoolboy


Tickle Torture - I love to watch you writhe under my fingers.


Trampling - Barefoot or Booted


Urethral Sounding, I especially love Electro Sounding (Must bring your own Sounding Kit or buy an Autoclave for the house.)


Watersports, Golden Showers, and Human Toilet Training (Brown Showers require 24 hour notice via Email and an additional deposit.)


Wax Play - I have both hard wax and wax that melts into massage oil.


I enjoy switch and sub sessions with experienced Doms, and enjoy showing novice Doms the ropes! (Pun Intended)


There are also some activities I have little experience with, like Cuckolding, Knife Play, Stapling, Pony Play and Micro-Branding/Cell Popping that I have an interest in exploring. If you would like to guide me, be my guinea pig, or pay for me to take a workshop please send me an email.


I love trying new things! If something you're interested in was not listed here please let me know and we can possibly make your fantasies come to fruition!


Those who I hold dearest bring additional tribute or gifts.  July is my birth month, and I am fond of small, thoughtful, surprises year round.


Some gifts I enjoy are crisp white wine, bubbly, and flowery gin. Red wine

& sickly sweet drinks will be thrown back in your face.

I like my treats vegan, my leather real and Gift Cards made out to Agent Provocateur,

Divers Direct, Sephora and Lush.  Here is my Amazon wishlist. Gifts are a thoughtful way to make you stand out from the crowd of suitors, and I will think of you every time I use those lovely gifts!


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I would love to hear your feedback - email me to let me know what you enjoy about our sessions or my page, and to let me know if there is anything you would like to see more of.


You may book In Call sessions at The Gates by calling the dungeon and one of the secretaries will help you with the booking. If your schedule doesn’t line up with Gia’s and you’re interested in a session you can reach my personal secretary via email at


Here is a guide to booking sessions outside of my normal business hours that I made just for you.


Please know any inquiries that could be answered by you looking at The Schedule and calling The Gates will be ignored.


5’4”, 22 years old, 7 shoe, 32D cup, no tattoos, navel pierced, playing professionally since December 2017.




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