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Switch - In The Gates Mentorship since July 2023

She is deviously sadistic.

Take the journey into Her realm, where Her vitality is fed by the scent of your trepidation. Devote your flesh to Her gynarchy where She can relish in the sounds of Her infliction upon you. Find yourself enraptured by the sounds of Her voice gracing your ears, flowing through your entire being, hypnotizing every nerve of your willing body.

Silky brown hair that is nearly covering her breasts, sinful red lips and almond shaped eyes looking down at you.

Kneel before Her as you worship the curves you have been blessed to see.

You may look but will She grant you a touch?


Should you misbehave, do not be surprised if you find her heels on your back and your face pressed into the wooden floor.

Mistress Morella is draconian and vivacious, but most of all, She is beautiful.

She enjoys exploring the minds of all who come to play and she focuses on everything you and your body tells Her, pulling you deeper in Her realm.

  • Impact: Spanking, Floggers, Paddles, Caning

  • Spitting

  • Breath Play

  • Electro Play

  • Anal Play & Fisting (Well cleaned)

  • Bondage: Rope & Leather Restraints

  • Caging: Confinement & Imprisonment

  • CBT

  • Chastity

  • Corporal Punishment

  • Showers: Golden & Crimson

  • Humiliation: Verbal, SPH, Face Slapping,

  • Multi Domme Sessions

  • Nipple Play / Torture

  • Psychological: Mind Fuckery, Degradation, Fear

  • Queening: Face Sitting & Smothering

  • Role Play: Kidnapping, Medical, Religious

  • Sensory: Deprivation/ Overload

  • Slave Training

  • Smoking / Human Ashtray

  • Smothering & Trampling

  • Tease & Denial

  • Worship: Ass, Legs, Feet, Lingerie, Stockings, Heels & Boots

Lastly, a way to show your devotion.

She enjoys vintage vinyl records (absolutely anything but pop and country),

gift cards, lingerie, espresso grounds, heels, weed (packaged flower, edibles or dab cartridges) or you can peep into My Wish Tender for something special that she desires.

Gifts are a wonderful way to earn your brownie points!

If you want to contact the Mistress directly, please email:


5'3", 32 years old, size 7 heel and boot, size B cup


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