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Switch - Playing professionally since December 2023

Where Power meets Grace in a whispered embrace....

Diva is a 22-year-old Mistress with a captivating Russian accent.

She is as mysterious as she is creative. A canvas painted with vibrant playfulness and exquisite uniqueness, always adorned with a touch of unspoken elegance.

'Diva' is not merely a chosen name but the path she gracefully treads in self-expression. An enchantress of Femdom, ready to entice and guide discerning gentlemen into the thrilling world of female domination. At times, she embraces the art of humiliation and indulges in the dance of sadistic desires, effortlessly transitioning to commanding superiority or comforting kindness. Her silhouette mirrors the gentle curve of a seashell, whispering tales of femininity sculpted by nature. Each step she takes is a delicate ballet, leaving an imprint as tender and enticing as the caress of petals against your skin.


As a former belly dancer, she revels to make every encounter a fusion of artistry, power, and pleasure—a symphony orchestrated to make your submission an ecstatic journey of self-discovery. Her primary mission within the world of BDSM is creating a safe space for self-exploration and expression, fostering a nonjudgmental haven where one can authentically be whoever they wish, even if only for a fleeting moment.

Her favorite activities include:




Edge play (breath play, blood play, fear play, blackmail, etc.)

Fetishes - leather, scent

Food play, sploshing - she loves getting messy 

Gender play (feminization, sissyfication)

Humiliation (verbal, face slapping, CFNM, etc.)

Impact play - from light to heavy 




Pet play

Role play - she is open to taboo topics, which you can discuss by email 

Sensory play (deprivation, overload)





Worship (heel, boot, armpit, ass)


This is a non-exhaustive list, and other inquiries and requests can be emailed to


Show your adoration to Mistress Diva by bringing her fine black or green teas, chocolate, or whole nuts. Gift cards to Ulta, Amazon and Intimissimi are always appreciated.


5’3”, 22 years old, size 8 shoes, 36D bra, a few piercings and tattoos.

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