Enter My thrall, and avow your fundamental yearnings. 


Surrender yourself to the rigor of My care, and together we will explore, challenge, and realize your potential for liberation – through service, worship, and supplication. 


Amongst My choice games are:

Impact play/corporal punishment


Tease & denial


Sensation play

Bondage & predicaments

Body worship

Gender play/crossdressing


Cock & ball torture

Anal play (please arrive clean and empty)

Ball busting/trampling



Other activities are available for negotiation, including switch and submissive play.


Service to Me begins with courtesy. Email introductions are encouraged; please be respectful, genuine, and succinct when providing basic information (name and birthdate), and a brief overview of your interests. 


Beyond gracious enthusiasm, you may offer material expressions of admiration in the form of gifts (or certificates) that support local artisans such as Lust Designs, Stormy Leather, Mr. S Leather; or online retailers Etsy, Amazon, Sephora, and Lelo.


Contact Me at


5’6”, 32 years of age, size 8.5 shoe, several tattoos, playing professionally since January 2018.



Please note: we cannot receive or answer text messages.

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