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Hello my darling.  I am so happy we found each other.  Now sit back for a moment while I introduce myself.


My name is Sevillia, and one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my young life is that it is possible to be both a lady and a domineering bitch.  Nothing makes me happier than having you kneel at my feet while you writhe in anticipation for the chance to worship my perfect curves or strong thick legs, rewarding you with my smile as you cry out in pain while satisfying my dark desires.  Or maybe I’ll keep you in bondage while I glide around the room and you admire my swaying hips.  Don’t be deceived by my “easy-going” temperament, I can and will be as capricious as a mountain snowstorm if you fail to satisfy my expectations.  At the same time, I can be gentle and warm hearted.  I want everyone I play with to have as much fun as I do, and I know that your torment will lead to our mutual pleasure.


      Perhaps submitting to my will isn’t your thing.  If you’re more of the dominant type I can’t help but to be playful (and a bit bratty for those who like a challenge) during our session.  But you will find that I am a fast learner and can be coaxed into obedience by a steady hand.

I am always open to hear your secret fantasies and breathe life into your darkest desires.  Some of the activities I enjoy are:

Double Sessions (two Mistresses means twice the fun)

Foot/Leg/Body Worship

Impact Play


Role Play (Teacher/Student, Mad Scientist, Sadistic Babysitter, Interrogation)

Humiliation/Sissification/Slut Training

Anal Play at all Levels

Leather Bondage

Golden Showers (one hour notice requested)



Puppy/Pet Play

I hope to add Electro Play to this list soon. Please feel free to email me for updates on this process.


I am always working to learn new skills.  If you’d like to be my guinea pig, here’s what I’m working on now.

Rope Bondage


Chastity Play

Single Tails

By no means is this list all inclusive. As mentioned, I am always looking to improve my skills and am willing to learn most anything in the kink realm.  If you have an activity that you enjoy, bring it up with me so we can make memories together. 

      Gifts are never expected, but if you desire to spoil me I enjoy gifts of Scotch, gift certificates to Mr. S, Westward Bound Latex, Sephora, or Amazon. My wish list is also available at  Or if something more personal is your style, consider something unique that will help me get to know you, such as your favorite book.

     Another way to win my favor (and treat yourself in the process) is to book a double session with me and another mistress. If you think I’m devious by myself, you should see what happens when two of us get together.  No spoilers here but trust me, it’s worth it.

Book today or email me at to make arrangements for our play date.  See you soon.

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5’ 6’’, shoe size 7.5, 26 years old, C cup, nipples and navel pierced.  Playing professionally since October 2018.

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