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I’m a sweet voiced, petite, caramel skinned Goddess with a wickedly creative streak. My gentle voice will coo into your ear as I drop you to your knees and make you crawl to me. You’ll be begging to worship my feet, a wish only granted to the most obedient of my slaves. Don’t worry - I know how to safely guide you through the delicious maze that is pain and pleasure.  My deep dark eyes are impossibly knowing and wise. You’ll be hypnotized by my long lashes, and when they flutter in your direction you’ll be entranced and feel a weakness that you’ve never known. Nothing pleases me more than hearing the whimpering and begging of those that crave to be in my presence.


Whether I’m blessing my worshippers with my golden nectar or beating their flesh till it’s hot, red, and raised I always leave my submissives feeling as though they’ve truly been seen and taken care of.


I enjoy:


Pet Play


Slave Training


Golden Showers




Small Penis Humiliation


Impact Play (flogging, whipping, spanking, paddles)


Role Play


Body Worship


Tease and Denial






I don’t have experience with, but would like to learn about:


Electro Play







I enjoy watching people submit to me, and that is not limited to any spectrum. Women, men, and everyone in-between are welcome to experience the pleasure of surrender, and the delicious environment I create.


As a submissive I know my place, but asking a Goddess to submit is something earned and not given. I will only submit with someone who has submitted to me first.



It is always a wonderful treat when a submissive shows that they acknowledge the efforts I make for them as their dominant. As such, gratuity and gifts are accepted.


I enjoy sipping on crisp, dry white wines or deep earthy reds (no Merlot unless it’s a Bordeaux).  Reading material I enjoy: books about BDSM, anything written by Chris Kraus, Elena Ferrante, Isabele Allende and Mary Gaitskill.  I also enjoy dark chocolate (milk chocolate not accepted) and local honey (anything outside of northern California not accepted).  I will also accept gift cards to Mr.S., Good Vibrations, and Sephora.  


5’0”, 27 years old, 6 ½ shoe, four small tattoos, playing professionally since September 2018.


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