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Switch - Playing professionally since March 2020.

As a creature from the wild mountains of the Great White North, Sacha’s sashay across the room will leave you lusting for her perfectly manicured nails to dig into you as she gazes lovingly, deeply, powerfully into your eyes. Get lost in her luscious, thick, long locks and be swept away to another dimension.


Known for being an extreme lover from her extensive tantric background, Mistress Sacha is petite and curvy with surprising strength:

Thighs that have skied thousands of miles will leave you gasping for air.

Skin so soft that chocolate begs to be licked off her.

Her round full hips and ample bosom are accentuated by her extremely tiny waist. 


But don’t be fooled...Mistress Sacha will make you squirm and wiggle through a sensational exploration of joy and pain. She will take you to your edge, and with your consent, beyond.


As a professional dancer of 20+ years, she loves to incorporate rhythm into her play. Moving her body expertly as a work of art for you to honor comes as easily to her as breath.


Shapeshifter by nature, Mistress Sacha loves to be primal, sensual, controlling, teasing, commanding, and passionate. Mistress Sacha adores being submissive for experienced and novice doms (the teacher in her is powerfully clear).  Loving to please, write her an email with your deepest fantasies and she may make them come true.


Pour notre amis francais, Sacha pouvez chuchoter les mots doux dans ton oreilles.


Mistress Sacha believes play is important on so many levels. Exploring the taboo side of yourself, and each other, is only the beginning. Mistress Sacha provides space to create deep transformation, especially in the world of sexuality trauma therapy; if you are a good student, she will reward you tremendously. Or simply come and have fun!


Playmates of all genders and body types are encouraged to come play with Mistress Sacha; she also plays with couples, and she LOVES to play with other Mistresses.





Anal Play and Strap-on Training (arrive clean and empty)

Crossdressing Gender Role Play

Tease and Denial

Foot, Breast, Hair, and Ass Worship

Impact Play


Face Slapping

Sensual Domination

Nipple Torture

Food Play

Breath Play/Smothering


Forced Consumption

Pet Play - Dog, Cat, Pony

Sensory Deprivation



Ice Play

Knife Play


Literature Readings

Strip Tease


If there is a delicious treat you would like Mistress Sacha to wear for you her sizing is

Size 7 (37), Most tops size XS-S (Bra size is 28C), Most bottoms size M, Height 5’3”



Wine - deep reds are her favorite

Gift Cards to Victoria Secret, Lush, Amazon, Good Vibrations, Pleasure Teasers, Striper heels, Mr. S, Lucky Grocery, Whole Foods

Indoor plants make her VERY happy, which means she has more to bring of herself to bring to the playspace.


Donations to Greenpeace, Plastic Pollution Coalition, CharityWater, CAWST


Email -


5’3”, 33 years old, 7 shoe, no tattoos,


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