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These are real, unsolicited and unembellished emails from a few of our clients.
Dear Mistress Sage,

Some businesses provide a service. Some businesses provide a good. But few businesses provide a service as good as yours. The Gates is Disneyland for adults.

I enjoyed my first session at The Gates last Saturday with Mistress Lana immensely. Mistress Lana is charming, intelligent, professional, and showed genuine enthusiasm in her work. After a brief discussion about how I perceive my own sexuality, she conjured a scenario that was not only exciting to roleplay but also provided a lovely pretext for the activities I was interested in.

I think the key to happiness is to simply let yourself be open to joy. And sometimes it's important to disregard the societal narratives about what is "normal" or "natural" because sometimes joy will occur in surprising places. Sometimes, it'll be on your back in the bathtub of an old Victorian.

Sincerely, S

Dear Exceptionally Skilled Person,
I am now almost fully recovered from the consequences
of surrendering to you.
I do not want to detail the delights that I experienced with you.
I need more time to ruminate over that wonderful three hours.
I will just say that you are exceptionally skilled
and generous with yourself.
I have never before had anywhere near the experiences that I have had
with you. I know I want another three hours.
You are so powerful it is almost frightening. Almost.
Your servant,


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