These are real, unsolicited and unembellished emails from a few of our clients.
Dear Mistress Sage,

Some businesses provide a service. Some businesses provide a good. But few businesses provide a service as good as yours. The Gates is Disneyland for adults.

I enjoyed my first session at The Gates last Saturday with Mistress Lana immensely. Mistress Lana is charming, intelligent, professional, and showed genuine enthusiasm in her work. After a brief discussion about how I perceive my own sexuality, she conjured a scenario that was not only exciting to roleplay but also provided a lovely pretext for the activities I was interested in.

I think the key to happiness is to simply let yourself be open to joy. And sometimes it's important to disregard the societal narratives about what is "normal" or "natural" because sometimes joy will occur in surprising places. Sometimes, it'll be on your back in the bathtub of an old Victorian.



Hi Katarina,
Yes ma'am , yes ma'am, yes ma'am,
Enjoyed meeting you and our time immensely yesterday morning. Your knowledge is vast and your timing impeccable. My mind was spinning and trying to process your quick wit with some smart sub retort. Left feeling very satisfied wanting more.    
Your ability to go in any direction is amazing. You can read body language and tell when someone is in over their head. Thank you for the images that replay in my mind over and over.
This is an amazing place. Does Sage really exist? Would love to meet her or hear her voice to just say thank you for this place with such wonderful people as yourself.

I am put in my place each night when I am awoken in pain from chastity...Having to wait to return to proper size.
Yes, my sexual desires are being replaced by the desire to please you, Mistress Katarina.
Thank You for allowing me to serve you.
Your Sissy Slave

Domina Katarina,
Thank you for a lovely session today! It was a pleasure to surrender to you. Although nervous and a bit shy, you made me very comfortable. Your intuitive, sensual sadism and Dominance put me at ease. You gave me a wonderful time. I could sense that you were present and mindful. You are amazing!
Yours submissively,

Mistress Katarina,
Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience that you gave me in September, and let you know that it was truly mind-blowing.  You are an amazing Domme, and the past 6 weeks have left me sleepless as I relive my session again and again every night

Thank you very much for making the time to see me today Mistress Echo. I couldn't have gotten more lucky- you are a TALENTED, CHARMING, and my god, THOSE LEGS. You've made my stay in San Francisco the memory of a lifetime. I will be sure to bring you my sounding toys for our text session, it will be my honor to truly surrender every orifice to you. 
Have a wonderful New Year!
 - C.

Hi Echo,
It was nice meeting you today. I hope you liked the massage and were able to relax and enjoy it. I surely did. thanks for giving me the opportunity to make you relax a bit.... i hope we can do it again soon.
 - A.

Mistress Guinevere,
I just wanted to drop a line and thank you again for our session last weekend. We had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. J was particularly thankful for how deftly you were able to make me comfortable and at ease in an admittedly awkward and strange situation. And I'm thankful for all the fun things I witnessed and learned! We're both thinking about doing it again sometime and will definitely come to you first if you're still at the house when the time rolls around.
We had a great time and are eager to work it into our schedule again. And we would highly recommend you to other couples, though the "hey can you recommend a good pro-dom?" does not often come up in casual conversation.
Miss N

Mistress Freya,
I had an amazing time with you last week!! You are so beautiful your pictures don't nearly capture who you are! Thank you for your compassion !! Now I know what it's like to have a beautiful woman peg me!!!! I was truly amazed! I hope to see you soon.

Good evening! I just wanted to send you this note of appreciation in making me glow all the way home.
Your smooth skin, warm touch and lovely eyes/lips, left me very impressed for sure after our incredible session!
Wow!...and the lingerie, garter belt and thigh highs!
Ahh...memories of your sexy scent, pinay hotness, soft breasts, and tight bubble ass + gams...Wahoo!
The Gates is very fortunate to have you there to provide a valuable service to those who need some very sensual play.
Always, S.

Dear Ms. Malaya,
This is a note from M. I wanted to thank you for yesterday evening. I really enjoyed listening to your laughter and playful teasing.  It was wonderful.  You're such a beauty!
I must compliment you as well on your lingerie ensemble. That lovely black outfit
was smashing and the sexy, shiny boots were fantastic. I really must see you for a longer session next time. It will happen in the upcoming months! 
Thank you again.
Ever the best,
P.S. I hope the chocolates were to your taste!

Mistress Malaya,
Thank you again for a wonderful time yesterday. When I first saw my wife at the hotel she said that I looked happy and glowing! 

Hi Malaya:
Thank you for the wonderful session yesterday.  I quite enjoyed it and found it quite liberating.  Seeing how you took a great spanking set a great example for me.
If you would still be into it, I'd like to explore the golden shower.  Truthfully, I likely will need some special support and encouragement, but I think you could get me over the line.
Please let me know if you are still interested, and if you are, when is the earliest you would be available. I'm concerned with the passing of time I could lose my nerve.
Thanks again for the wonderful session yesterday.   It was very special.

I had a great time today, thank you for pushing my buttons.
I hope you have a great week!

Your Dominance Malaya,
Thank you for our intense session last night. I can still feel the delicious sting of your hand on my behind! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mistress Malaya,
Thank you again for meeting with me yesterday.  It was such a privilege to serve you, to carry your spit in my mouth and be the target of your cutting words.  The sound of your voice has been ringing in my ears – the way you stated disgust in me with whispers in my ear.  I am grateful to have been so close to feel your breathing! I hope to be of service to you again soon.
With utter gratitude,

Mistresses Malaya and Bailey,
i'm once again entirely in awe of You! Thank You for wasting Your time with me, and my apologies for the many ways that i am too pathetic actually to entertain You. But i greatly appreciate Your attention, and i sincerely meant what i said about Your beauty, power, creativity, and intelligence. Plus, You are quite generous with me. You are tremendously impressive Women, and i am grateful to have some time with You. (Wish i could make it more often!)
It's too hard to process the entire session, but a couple things stand out profoundly: having to adore Your spit and focus on holding Your spit in my hands (sorry i could not keep it from touching the floor)  and feeling absolutely vulnerable with a seriously aching cock and balls (and You were easy on me). Thank YOU both very, very much!
All the best to You, may You each have a lovely night.

Dear Exceptionally Skilled Person,
I am now almost fully recovered from the consequences
of surrendering to you.
I do not want to detail the delights that I experienced with you.
I need more time to ruminate over that wonderful three hours.
I will just say that you are exceptionally skilled
and generous with yourself.
I have never before had anywhere near the experiences that I have had
with you. I know I want another three hours.
You are so powerful it is almost frightening. Almost.
Your servant,

Dear Mistress Guinevere--
I hope you are getting this letter. I enjoyed spending time with you (and Bailey and Ivory) a couple of weeks ago... nay, more than just enjoyed actually. It was an extraordinary session. With embarrassment I admit you're imagery of tearing apart someone's hands with your teeth surely was a treasured moment!
If this reaches you too late, I apologize, but I am inviting you to join Bailey and myself during the mid-afternoon tomorrow (Saturday) in a special session if you are open and available. I am visiting with her already and had such a terrific time - dare I say - having you sink your teeth into your work, that I thought you might be open to chewing up a little more time tomorrow afternoon.
Whatever happens, let this letter serve as a 'thank you' for those incredibly savage bites, the oh-so-sexy biting talk... and for your just being sensational in general.
Take care.

Hi Mistress Guinevere,
I had a great time during our get to know each other session.
Best Regards,
PS I will email you with a session request.  Also you have a hot body. I would like to see more of it.

Hi Echo,
Thank you for the amazing session. You took the time to get to know me by email and did you deliver on my fantasy! I asked for a beat down. I got the full Evil Victoria Secret Model crossed with the Energizer Bunny. You have a visceral enjoyment dishing out a beating and it was a dream. I was amazed that after two hours you were still full of energy.
I look forward to playing again.

Hi Mistress Echo,
You are so joyful and fun -- thank You so much for using and abusing me for some entertainment this evening. Hopefully You enjoyed Yourself and were not too disappointed by my many limitations and length of clean-up time.
 Not too often do i laugh during a scene -- usually so overwhelmed by one thing or another -- but Your spirit and humor made me laugh and smile several times. i hope that it was not disrespectful; i'd never want to disrespect You.
 You are wildly creative and very sexy, Mistress, and i am entirely amazed that i've had the opportunity to serve You and be an object for Your entertainment.
 Hope You have a lovely night and terrific weekend.
Hi Mistresses Cordelia, Malaya, and Gisele,
 i am in complete awe of You and the opportunity to be so thoroughly debased by You. Your astonishingly creative, and Your every act of dominance -- the spitting, slapping, insulting, laughing, and the many other ways You equated me with trash -- evoked in me a total mind and body experience of complete adoration and devotion. i firmly believe in the natural superiority of Women, and i greatly appreciate Your willingness to help me be more committed to a life of service for the benefit and pleasure of Women.
So many moments are rushing through my mind, and i am so thankful for every moment with You.
And i am thrilled to be denied permission to cum. my sincere desire is to do whatever i can to help increase the pleasure and enjoyment in Your lives. (Not that You need a slave to do that,  of course.)
Thank You very, very much!
Your thankful trash
P.s. It's exciting that my eyes are still burning and red, so every second tonight has reminded me of my place in Your lives!

Dear Mistress Phoenix,
Thank you for the hour of bliss. Your haunting loveliness, your wit and devilish imagination leave this puppy panting for more...and more...
Hope to see you soon.
Just a quick thank you for last week. Great experience again. Probably best I live two thousand miles away. You could be habit forming. Let me know if you ever do an east coast tour.
Hi Phoenix:
Thanks so much for your note.  It means a lot to me!
I, too, love the open and honest communication that we have.  What excites me most about BDSM is the mutual trust that is required; I'm not by nature a trusting person, but I trust you and this in turn allows me to explore activities that are beyond my normal comfort zone. 
Saturday's session was pretty incredible -- I was in a Zen state the rest of the weekend.  Truly looking forward to pushing my limits and boundaries in the weeks ahead.  I really excel at role play, so let me know a scenario that you have long wanted to experience and I will make it seem incredibly real.
You are a very special and compassionate woman, considerably wiser and empathetic than is typical for someone your age.   I'm very grateful our paths have crossed.
Thanks again for reaching out! Your email put a big smile on my face.
P.S. I already have picked up your bottle of Pinor Noir. 

Dear Cecily,
Thank you for our thrilling adventure on Monday.  I appreciate your thoughtful gift; I enjoyed seeing you play with our guests.  I am delighted to discover your inner Amazon as well as the tender, eager, servile submissive side that pleases me so much.


Dear Cecily Rose,
When I arrived at yoga the teacher was passing out straps for us to bind both legs. It truly felt like bondage yoga and I could not resist thinking of you sitting on me throughout the pose.  It  is certainly not the first time that I have recognized the D/S elements of yoga practice as I follow the commands of my teachers.  In fact I used to refer to my favorite yoga teacher as Mistress Ada, partly because she chuckled somewhat sadistically when she instructed us to hold particularly tortuous asanas. 
A close friend was in the yoga class.  When we spoke afterward she asked if I was OK.  She knows me well enough to recognize my mind was altered.  I could not explain to her how it got that way, so I just attributed it to the yoga class, rather than revealing your magic powers. 
In the meantime I wish you well.
Fondly and passionately,

Dear Cecily Rose,
Awesome indeed.  I am thrilled by your surrender, your openness, your touch, your willingness to be so sensual with me.  It is fun to feel that you can't keep your hands off of me -- unless I tie them up.  And I am thrilled with the way you respond to my touch.
I had a great day on Wednesday, after our time together as well as during it.  I felt focused, effective, cheerful and kind at work.  I am pleased to discover this because I felt spaced out and wiped out after some other sessions -- so I have been wary about making the transition to work.  No problem this time.
Mistress Cecily Rose,
I wanted to thank you again for such as awesome session today - On my way for my ride now and will certainly be thinking about it --not only are you extremely hot -but you really seem like such a cool person -hope you had a good time too! --

Hi Mistress Cecily:  this is G* I just wanted to say thanks for guiding me today in a new erotic experience!!  I had a great time!!  I was so nervous and you really made me feel safe and playfull.  Thanks for stretching the envelope-->that helped.
Had to tell you that my nipples were so sensitive all day that I was getting an erection everytime I moved around which reminded me of you and earlier today.
Can't wait until next time!!

Dear Mistress Cecily--
I wanted to make sure you knew I had an intense experience with you a couple of weeks ago. My hands still tingle! It was really cool to submit them to your teeth once again. You are indeed one of The Gates' most extraordinary dommes.. and a vicious "biter" indeed!
Until our next visit, I remain your humble fan--

Hi Phoenix
I did not know what to expect from our time together but not only did you meet and exceed my fantasies but you held me in a space that I have longed for as far back as I can remember.
My experience with you was thrilling, healing, sexy, transformative, everything I wanted and something more, something that really touched me
You have a huge heart. I will forever appreciate and fondly remember our time together.
Lots of love and good wishes for you.
Xo –J.

 Dear Phoenix,
I'd like to thank you for a wonderful session. You are so very exquisite and eloquent as well as beautiful. I enjoyed you taking care of me in the way that no one has done before. Your are extremely sensual and it's fun to be with you and enjoy your feminine dominant presence. I can't wait for our next session....
All my affection

 Dear Phoenix:
I have been coming to the Gates since 2010 and for some reason I have never been in the afternoon. I am glad I came today and that you were on duty. I'm sure you are tired of hearing this over and over, but you are definitely one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and what is more, you also have a wonderful sense of humor and a warm personality. You put up with my nonsense and you knew exactly what I wanted. I feel good about our session and my only regret is that I didn't schedule more time with you. You are an outstanding pro sub/domme. –
Hello Phoenix,
Thank you for the super lovely time today.  You are an exceptional young lady and such a joy to be with.  I have such fond memories of our time together.  Anyway, have a pleasant trip back east soon and best wishes for the holiday season.  I will look forward to the possibility of spending time together with you again in January.
Please take care.
Warmest Wishes,

Dear Mistress Phoenix,
I hope this note finds you well and that you are preparing for an amazing New Year's Eve.  First, I have no words to thank you for our time together last week.  It was truly the most special intense experience I have had in a very long time, if ever.  I am truly blessed to have met you and had the gift of your time.
Of course, if you would be OK with it, I would be honored to spend some time with you again.  I don't know your upcoming schedule, and I am sure this week is difficult, but when you know your upcoming schedule please feel free to let me know if you want.  As for what I would like to do, I leave it in your hands.  You are guiding me on a wonderful life experience, so whatever you think should come next, I will follow faithfully.
I hope you are having a wonderful holidays, and I do hope I can see you again.
Your humble servant,
Hello Mistress, this is your newbie kinkster :) I just wanted to thank you for the amazing time yesterday. I was honestly so nervous that I could barley look you in the eye. I know you must hear it all the time, but you are drop dead gorgeous and the look you give off when you smile or smirk makes my heart skip a little. I honestly wish part of the session I could of just worshiped your body. You could of used my face as your stool :)  but I know there are limits and I didn't want to make u uncomfortable. I loved the excitement in your eyes when you were telling me how much of a freak I am. I can't wait to explore more of my kink side. Maybe next time we can role play a corporal punishment scene. –
Dear Phoenix:
I first want to thank you for the best session I have ever had.  You're great company and very sensuous.
I couldn't have had a better experience.
I would like to make an another appointment with you for next Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 9:00.  Two hours with you is wonderful, but three would be even more so. If a three hour session with you is agreeable, please respond and I will make the appointment.  Also, please send the videos and pictures we discussed.
Warmest regards,
Hi Mistress Phoenix.
This is J. I had a wonderful session with you about 2 weeks ago.
I am the Asian gentleman who had a role play session where you turned me into your sex slave.
You are a true professional: great attitude, stunningly beautiful (what a treat), and so immaculately dressed.
Your make up was perfect and your choice of lingerie that you wore was perfect. Your body is a perfect 10. I look forward to seeing you again.

Good morning Phoenix,
How are you?  
Yesterday's session was wonderful.  I brought home the pain inflicted by your heels.  I guess I was smiling during my sleep last night remembering how beautiful you are.
I was amazed by your talent in linguistics, music and sports.  May I say 'THANK' and 'I LOVE YOU'?
Take care,
Dearest Phoenix, 
Fun, fun, are gorgeous and imaginative....
I so much enjoy the intensity..... then the casualness...I hope you do too ....
you are a gem....
I will see you as soon as I can.....
Hello Phoenix,
Thank you for all the imagination and effort you brought to our meeting on Friday, which made for such a memorable event. You are not only beautiful and talented, but you also have an ability to immerse yourself in your role that makes for a truly captivating experience. 
Thank you also for allowing me a few moments to begin to discover the thoughtful and intelligent person behind the skilled actress. You appear to be a remarkable combination of a strong intellect and deep personality within a breathtakingly beautiful exterior. A rare combination indeed...
I hope that you will be able to do something fun or satisfying with your small bonus. While I understand that groceries and paying the rent are essentials, it is also important to enjoy occasional small luxuries. To that end, if there is anything you would enjoy from the site below, please let me know and I will organize to have it sent to you (as Ms. Phoenix Engracia) at the PO Box. Sometimes just opening a dresser drawer and seeing it full of nice stockings can make for a better start to the day :-)
I look forward to a future opportunity to meet at the Gates. Thank you again!

Mistress I wanted to thank you for the session today. I loved being smothered by your ass. I will definitely schedule another session next time I am in town.

Not only beautiful, but totally captivating. And very intuitive. You read me perfectly and created the best session I've ever had. Thank you.

I have been an "irregular" regular @ the Gates since 2010.  You must be complimented and should be proud of your establishment.  Each session has been outstanding and each provider so professional (and gorgeous)  The place is so clean, friendly, safe and efficient, I often think I have wandered into some bed and breakfast, instead of a house of domination!  Keep up the outstanding work!

hello mistress Sage, i'm a huge fan of your work with the gates. going to the gates has honestly enriched my life and has provided me with memories i'll always have. i just want to say thank you for having such a clean, professional and beautiful playhouse that people can share in this outlet for unique interests. thank you again.




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