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“A Living Shrine”

Switch - Playing professionally since February 2024

Whether you are looking to serve a powerful and strong Temptress or someone with whom you can satisfy your perverse curiosities. In Mistress Yaga you will find a strong and domineering yet playful Amazonian Goddess and confidant.

Her Double D hourglass silhouette, commanding thighs, and juicy round ass evoke an irresistible allure, reducing you to your knees. Her long golden hair and big pouty lips will entrance you, but be forewarned! Caution is warranted when meeting the gaze of Her piercing, knowing eyes..... for they will hypnotically reflect back every nefarious thought you've ever had.

Her inherent playfulness shines through remarkably in the art of forbidden, naughty roleplay. Maybe you have the reserved demeanor of a shy classmate, while She exudes the assertive presence of a bullying cheerleader. As the patient, step into Her exam room and surrender to Her disconcertingly perverted portrayal as a doctor. In the role of the altar boy, navigate the unsettling dynamics with a seemingly "trusted" Priestess. The interplay between the eager student and the buxom teacher, set against Her authoritative allure, will be a true learning experience for you.

Your insignificance is humorous to Her. To Mistress Yaga, the acknowledgment of a submissive's relative insignificance is not a disparagement but a source of amusement—a subtle dance between authority and the delightful recognition of vulnerability. Her amusement emerges not from a place of cruelty but from the nuanced understanding that, within the carefully orchestrated theater of BDSM, the acknowledgment of one's place in the power dynamic can be both liberating and hilariously humbling.

Email any inquiries to request an activity you don't see listed below

Her favorite activities include:

  • Anal Play (must have good anal hygiene)

  • Bondage

  • CBT

  • Cuckolding

  • Chastity & Key Holding

  • Caging (confinement, imprisonment)

  • Electro Play

  • Face Sitting

  • Face Slapping

  • Financial Domination, Human ATM

  • Food Play - Sploshing

  • Foot Fetish (massage, lick, wash)

  • Golden Showers & Crimson Showers

  • Humiliation

  • Ignore Fetish

  • Impact Play (whips, paddles, floggers, crops),

  • JOI, Mutual Masturbation,

  • Roleplay (medical malpractice, examination, religious, school, taboo, vampire, predator/prey)

  • Sensory/Sensation Play

  • Smothering/Face Sitting

  • Spanking

  • Strap-On

  • Squirting

  • Tease & Denial

  • Torture (nipple, tickle, corporal)

  • Wax & Ice Play

  • Wrestling

  • Worship (breast, ass, foot, body)

If you want to remain in Mistress Yagas memories in times of separation, pamper her with precious offerings as a symbol of your constant worship and devotion.

She loves Ruby earrings, Diamonds, Visa gift cards, Orange and Red roses, Candles, and Lace panties (sz. L)

Indulge Her:

Devote yourself to Her:

5'8", 34 years old, 9 shoe, 36DD cup, only ears pierced, some tattoos

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