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Switch - In The Gates Mentorship since December 2023

Step into the enigmatic world crafted by Missy.

Meet a captivating and playful dominatrix who effortlessly entwines her submissives within the realms of their most tantalizing fantasies.

Her silhouette boasts graceful curves, complemented by long blonde cascading hair and elegant feet that command your unwavering devotion. Join her in exploring the intricate dance of power dynamics and control as you experience Missy's impassioned, sensual allure. Let her envelope your psyche and body in an intoxicating haze of pleasure that borders on the edge of darkness.

Among Missy's preferred indulgences are foot and body worship, the visceral sensations of impact and sensory play, the binding temptation of bondage, immersive role-playing, the intimacy of smothering, the thrill of trampling and the sensuality of smoking.

Embark on an unforgettable session with Missy and immerse yourself in a night of playful indulgence as well as daring exploration.

To contact the Mistress directly, write to:

She cherishes gestures of devotion such as wine, chocolate, shoes, monetary tributes, or any token that signifies your commitment as a dedicated submissive.

Missy extends her invitations to individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, and identities, welcoming an inclusive playground of exploration.


5'4", 26 years old, shoe size 7, 34C cup, a few tattoos


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