The premiere house of bondage and discipline in the San Francisco Area, featuring a stunning array of beautiful mistresses and slaves who are ready to join you in the exploration of every perverted decadence that the human mind can conceive.

Enter the Realm of the Extraordinary – immerse your senses in mental and physical extremes in one of our five lavishly equipped playrooms, and lose yourself in your fantasies for a few sumptuous hours.


Dungeon rentals also available. Open 10 to 10, 7 days a week.

Please call for a same day appointment.



27 years old

Height:  5'11"
Shoe size 8
Playing professionally since November 2014
Favorite activities: humiliation, foot and body worship, and
Angel's presence is always known when she walks into a room....


24 years old

Height:  5'6"
Shoe size 7 1/2
Playing professionally since April 2012
Favorite activities: anal play, CBT and impact play

Do you want to be wrecked and ravaged by my firm hand, sharp tongue, and many implements of pain and torment?


25 years old

Height:  5'7", DD cup
Shoe size 8 heel/9 boot
Playing professionally since August 2012
Favorite activities: anal play, CBT and impact play

Known for graciously defiling the naughtiest of slaves, sluts, and perverts, ....


​Height:  5'5"
Hair Color   Brown
Eye Color  Green
Measurements -23"-32" (US)
Dress size  2 US
Shoe size  6 US


​28 years

Height:  5'10"
Shoe size  9 US

Playing professionally since Feb 2015

Favorite activities: reading, gardening and enemas

You squirm under Her foot. Bound tightly,....




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