Petite Asian Seductress

You’ve arrived at My inner sanctum. My temple.

Before we begin, put your palms together and bow reverently to your Goddess.

Goddess Gemma.

Lower your head to the ground as you taste the raw dirt in which you belong. Beneath My feet.

Unworthy of My presence.

Place your offering before Me and beg to be accepted.


I see you before Me, as I assess your worthiness and devotion. My austere eyes piercing through to your soul. On My command, you’re summoned to My chambers.


You feast your hungry eyes upon Me, an image of perfection. A divine body carved to be worshipped and waited on. You’re mesmerized by the arch of My cruel eyebrows, the femininity of My laugh and wryness of My humor. I emit that potent energy that awakens your senses. And now we can begin.


Playing with Me may include but is not limited to:


Sensual Sessions, Tease and Denial and Worshipping My perfectly golden skin.

Strap-on and Anal play as I take you any way I please.

All Role Play

Chastity and Key Holding… I own you.

Electrical Play (advance notice through email)

Worship: Feet, Boots, Heels, Body, Ass, Lingerie

Impact Play and Corporal Punishment

Trampling you with My dainty feet.

Breath Play: Queening

Pet and Animal Play. I adore riding and training My piggies, puppies and ponies.

Training Sessions: slaves, sluts, maids, cross-dressing, feminization, gender play/reversal, human furniture

Tickle Torture

Sensory Deprivation and Stimulation

Food Play

Sharps Play

Fetish Exploration: I love exploring all kinds of fetishes; show Me your peculiarities

...and I play with ladies and couples!


I specialize in Sessions of Surrender. You will relinquish the burden of power, to Me, your Goddess Gemma. In return you will experience your greatest desire: freedom and release.


If you don’t see your interests indicated above, please e-mail Me to inquire if I offer the activities you are looking for.


You may worship Me at My exclusive time.


Devotees may follow Me:

Twitter: @bayareaasiandom

Instagram: @bayareaasiandominatrix

I have innumerable devotees and very discerning tastes.  If you seek to cultivate My favor and attention, consider offering the following:


You may contact Me via email at


5’3”, 29 years old, size 7.5 feet, no tattoos or piercings, playing professionally since June 2019.




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